Spooky Spooks, tiny rocket tanks and a lumbering Megatank….. oh my!

Once again it’s all positive news from the painting table and smugness abounds. The nice thing about actually trying to keep to targets is that I’m actually getting things finished, although I believe this would be nigh on impossible if the target was for instance a 842 point army (the numbers mean little to me but you get the idea).

First up is a trio of Spirit Hosts who are, I believe, my first ever complete painted fantasy unit.

Spirit Hosts

Then it was back to the always fun 3mm with some Rocket Tanks.

Rocket Tanks

Closely followed by a Supermegatank, all the more super when fielded in the context of 3mm.

Mega 1

Mega 2

And for those of you out there who may be wondering exactly how diddy the 3mm figures are, her is a shot with 6mm, 15mm and 28mm models to compare them with.

Mega 3

As always thanks for looking!

Spooky Spooks, tiny rocket tanks and a lumbering Megatank….. oh my!

Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

So far I’ve managed to stick to my resolution and in spite of near constant temptation I’ve resisted it at every turn. As a result I’ve been able to get a few more bits done, first up are another three Shia Khan models from the Ion Age range. Once again I’ve been quite impressed with how they look once painted since, to my eye at any rate, the can look a bit soft in their raw state.

Shia Khan1

So these chaps can join my 15mm alternative 40k collection, Grim-Fabulous as I like to refer to it. I’m quite liking the more desert/post apocalypse coloured bases so I’m in the process of repainting the rest of the collection, it seems to make the figures stand out a bit more.

Also finished are four more stands of tiny tanks.

Alpha Tanks

Aren’t they absurdly adorable? I’m continuing to really enjoy painting these miniatures and am getting a real buzz out of being able to get elements finished in reasonable time even at my glacial pace! I switched to using slightly thinned Baharroth Blue (?!?!?) edge paint from Citadel to do the edge highlights on the anti-tank tanks, does the trick nicely and is so much simpler than mixing a highlight.

I think that when I do give in to buying some more models (after careful budgeting of course) it’ll definitely be more of the Vanguard Dominion stuff, I think these little chaps will look wonderful in the pinks and golds of the Emperor’s Children.

Thanks for looking and hopefully more soon.

Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

Belated New Year’s Resolution

….. Well, I suppose since it was Persian New Year (Vernal Equinox) last week so I’m not really that late!

Recently I was considering ordering the new Forgebane box set and as my finger hovered over the Checkout button I became acutely aware of the cost as well as the huge backlog of miniatures I have. With the arrival of the Easter Hols and a small person to entertain for three weeks, I realised it is an expense I can ill afford but that I have (like many of us) hundreds of miniatures (actually probably more if the 6mm and 10mm stuff is counted individually!) that languish unassembled and unpainted in my closet based hobby office.

I have take the bold, very rational step (bold due to my intimate knowledge of how week willed I am) of having a strict monthly budget for paint and the occasional small purchase* until the bulk of my hoard is painted.

To that end I will be photographing my painting table with a selection of miniatures which must be painted before moving onto the next batch of stored up miniatures. Here is the current view:


A bit of a mixed bag as you can see; a bunch of 3mm tanks for Dominion, a GW inquisimunda type chap (too much 28mm GW stuff, but it needs assembling and painting!), some 15mm Ion Age and 3 Age of Sigmar Spirit Hosts.

This new approach does mean that I will have to paint scary big items (for me at any rate) like cavalry and a Mortis Engine, but I believe this will be a positive process and an opportunity to paint a wide variety of models as well as improve my technical ability.

Finger crossed and thanks for looking!


* One set of 3mm miniatures a month, enough to scratch the itch and also manageable to paint. Excuses, excuses.

Belated New Year’s Resolution

Dominion Wars – the 3mm madness goes on!

It’s well into March already it seems, the Vernal Equinox and Persian New Year to boot, and I have been somewhat negligent in my posts. The main reason for this is that I really don’t want to be putting up too much wip pictures or the odd finished model and would like to have rather more to show off.

I’ve been making some progress on the Vanguard Miniatures Dominion Wars 3mm models which I purchased and I’m really enjoying getting them painted. The range is currently limited to the Novan Elites, but that is pretty much all I need at the moment, and I’m pretty keen to get the skimmer wing, the Jackal Warstalkers and, well, more of the same again! Anyways, without further ado here is what I’ve got finished so far:

Elite Mechanised Maniple

Alpha 1

Elite Command unit

Alpha Command

Scorpion Maniple

Alpha Tanks1

So there we have it, my progress so far (there is also that landing craft), although it has to be remembered that there are rather tiny so I’ve been a bit sedate in terms of painting speed.

Thanks for looking and more progress hopefully soon!


Dominion Wars – the 3mm madness goes on!

Fetch some antibacterial wipes – 6mm Nurgle Crossbowmen.

Finally managed to get these chaps finished:


Not the most exciting of units to paint but I tried to give them a bit of character with some oxidised armour and the occasional dab of rust, so I reckon they fit the bill. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the aspiring champion, who clearly failed to impress in his last employee development review and got saddled with commanding a unit of crossbowmen. Crossbowmen! Even if they do dip their bolts in poo and have a Nurgly banner, they’re still crossbowmen.

I think that brings the total number of units up to five, almost an army.

Still trying to source some suitable evil mounted knights, the Microworld ones are disappointingly on rather massive horses. Any tips are more than welcome!

Thanks for looking.

Fetch some antibacterial wipes – 6mm Nurgle Crossbowmen.

3mm Alpha Legion

A little while ago I purchased some of the fairly new 3mm Dominion Wars range from the rather splendid Vanguard Miniatures. I mean 6mm are pretty small right? Indeed they are. I couldn’t really visualise this very small scale so curiosity eventually won the day and my oh my I’m happy it did.

The models themselves are beautiful, super crisp detail and minimal flash as well as a variety of figure poses which you’re lucky to get with 6mm. I know they are 3D sculpted and I tend to be a bit of a luddite when it comes to crafting by hand as opposed to using the computer, for this scale at least, I am a convert to CAD sculpting.

Anyway, enough babble, here are some infantry and their (rather cute) transports accompanied by a First Order Transporter (from the Titanium Black series that I found in a toy shop) painted up in appropriate colours:

3mm Alpha Legion

I’ve painted them a bit brighter blue than my 28mm effort, but they are very tiny and I thought they needed to pop a little. They were actually surprisingly straightforward to paint, and the detail comes out very clearly with a simple wash and highlight. I’m very happy with the results and heartily recommend the range to anyone looking for something a little different.

More of this, and other stuff, on the way!

Thanks for looking.

3mm Alpha Legion

EEEK! 6mm Blade Demons

Yet another unit of baddies surges forth from the painting table. Behold the Blade Demons!

Blade Demons

This is my second go at a unit of these rosy chaps, the previous go of a whole unit on a single base looked good but the base warped a bit which was a disappointment. Not so with these little fellows, they fit beautifully on the strips and make a pretty mean looking unit…… I even found a use for a bit of Epic 40k scenery (the ruins which came attached to sprues) which served to fill in a gap due to being a little short on bodies.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I recently purchased some 3mm Vanguard Dominion Wars miniatures, there will be more on these at a later date.

EEEK! 6mm Blade Demons