Another pair of Goblins

Here we go with the promised latest addition to the Goblin warband. Once again, I’m really pleased with how these are turning out and I hope you’re enjoying them too!

Gobbos front May 20thGobbos back May 20th

The really nice thing about these Polar Fox sculpts is the sheer level of detail you get, a little skull symbol on the quiver and a bow on the back of the sword and shield bearer. Needless to say I’ve received some Orcs and Undead from distant Siberia to use as the basis for more warbands……. the lead mountain piles up faster than it can be painted!

Thanks for looking.


Another pair of Goblins

Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!

Another rather generous post today, as I’ve been a busy little bee! My foray into fantasy continues with another pair of Goblins for the Mordheim/Frostgrave/Whatever crew. A relatively plain blade wielder and a rather cocky looking spearman striking a pose on a small space hopper-esque creature with a face full of teeth!

CockyGobbos frontCockyGobbos Back

I’ve also been looking at scenery for my grand plan for Mordheim style battlefield. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find anything I really like, particularly at 10mm(ish) scale. And even more particularly I want some ruined buildings, after all the city was struck by a comet (or trapped in a glacier depending on the game being played). Also, considering that I’d rather spend money on figure rather than terrain I thought I’d have a go at making some myself…. here’s an almost finished large house/hostel in some step by step pictures.


Foamboard template

With added matchsticks


Added card and lollipop sticks

I’ll get some pictures with some Goblins for scale. It’s probably a bit on the large side but I wanted it to provide some proper interactive terrain for units to move through and fight over, so having it a little bigger means that it can accommodate a couple of figures nicely. Lots more tiling to do which is a bit of a pain in the proverbial, but it looks like it’ll be worth it, then it’s on to basing and painting! I’m hoping to get a few more made soon, there’s lots of food for inspiration on the interwebs so I’m looking forward to cutting quite a few more tiles.

Finally a little sneaky peek at my latest sculpting effort. After I got bored of Sci-fi and aborted my 15mm sculpt I’ve had another go at a 10mm figure. Mainly because I’m a bit disappointed with the historical and fantasy Arabian figures since they’re either a bit small or just lacking in a bit of fantasy razzle-dazzle. Anyway, here’s my effort of a very much WIP for hopefully a Mage character for my Merchant Princes force. I’ve photographed him alongside a Magister Militum figure and he’s probably on the large side of 10mm (a bit like the GW Araby sculpts).

Araby Sculpt

Thanks for looking and more hopefully soon.


Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!

More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy

Been busy painting up a couple more units of 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry, different regiments from the previous two and I think they’re looking pretty sharp! I’m always pretty pleased when I get units finished and these will be off to be mounted by their new owner once the varnish is on. I’ve added a close up shot this time (partly for my own reference) to show what neat little sculpts they are from Baccus.

Portugal main

Portugal Detail

Also started on yet another project, this time using some of the Polar Fox Miniatures that I bought in the distant past. Great models that I’ve neglected for no good reason other than a lack of focus in my hobby life. This is the starting selection for a Mordheim or Frostgrave 10mm project, I’ve got loads more to get ready (i.e. Shamen, Wolf Riders, space hopper monster riders, Orks and trolls) so I’ll have a wide selection of models to make choices from. I’m also planning to use my Dwarf, High Elf, Kislevite and especially Empire characters to assemble groups of grizzled adventurers from.


I’m also planning to make a tile based board which will be an exciting, if alarming, prospect. I’ve got some cut foam board, model railway ballast and n scale cobblestone embossed card (on order) and am thinking of making them pretty plain so that some card buildings and scenery can be added as necessary.

All this in between getting a load of French Dragoons painted up for ebay and maybe finally getting around to basing my Russian Line infantry.

Thanks for looking.

More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy

Dwarf Enchanter Finished!

Finished Armourer

This is a bit of a triumph for me, the first fully finished, non commission, non test-piece that I’ve managed to get painted in ages and it’s been a real treat painting selfishly! To be honest, having not painted at this scale for years this has really got me keen to focus some attention on the mountains of 28mm lead and resin that I’ve been gradually adding to over the years.

Firstly though, the rest of the warband needs painting. Ready to face the brush are one of the sword wielding barbarian types and one of the heavily armoured bruisers, looking forward to it.

In addition to this I’ve got some more 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry on the painting table, and I’ve got some plans for my 7TV Department X commandos…… thinking along the lines of Space 1999 Moonbase Alpha security forces, but more on that some other time.

More soon.


Dwarf Enchanter Finished!

Frostgrave Dwarf Crew and almost there with the Enchanter.

I’ve been trawling through my lead pile and have unearthed enough miniatures (I think) for my Dwarven gang. This bunch include the female Dwarf who’ll be the apprentice (as well as the Enchanter’s daughter….. always nice to have a family team), a couple of more barbaric types, a chap that could be the Enchanter’s personal bodyguard, a couple of heavily armoured bruisers, a boar mounted heavy – I don’t think there are any rules for mounted figures yet, but it could count as a big monstery type miniature – and the tiny little fellow is the small construct who’ll be perfect for scouting ahead.

Full Unpainted

I’ve also managed to get a little more done on the Enchanter, not too far off finishing now just some of the little pouches and so on to get completed.

Armourer WIP 6

As I’ve mentioned already, this has been great fun to paint and I’m a bit ashamed that I waited so many years before taking the plunge and getting these larger scale figures painted.

Frostgrave Dwarf Crew and almost there with the Enchanter.

New Year and something a little different: Rackham Dwarf Armourer for Frostgrave

Hello all and a very happy New Year, best wishes and all that!

As mentioned in my previous post I’m planning on painting up a few miniatures for Frostgrave and fancy starting with this hardy looking Dwarf for an Enchanter. I know he’s got a sword, but he’s also got an anvil on his back and a hammer in his belt – which is excuse enough for me to decide that anvil is used for enchanting!

This is the first 28mm figure I’ve painted in forever, and he’s still very much a work in progress. Currently we’re mostly on base layers and some washes although in real life the anvil looks done – but not in the photo, need to figure out why that’s the case.

So without further ado…

Armourer WIP 1

Armourer WIP 2

Armourer WIP 3

Armourer WIP 4

The rivets on the armour as well as the decorative work will be metal, breaking up the field of yellow. Lots more to do though, but I’m really enjoying the change in scale.

In addition there’s more work due on the Australian fleet soon and I’ve got some more 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese on the painting table.

Thanks for looking.

New Year and something a little different: Rackham Dwarf Armourer for Frostgrave