Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

A slow week unfortunately, but more productive than most at least! I thought I’d slap a bit of paint onto the simplest piece of scenery I cobbled together:

Just some crates

Quite happy with how it turned out, the crates and pallet are all from Ground Zero Games (casually added to my order during a promotion a year or two ago, wonderful chap) and are great little items for scatter terrain. I tried to do some brighter colours and there is some chipping which sadly hasn’t shown up too well in the photo.

The other thing I managed to get done is a Leader type character for a Post-Apocalyptic/Sci-fi courier company unofficially registered as ‘Cutthroat Couriers’.

I’m using a selection of the Ion Age Shia Khan Legionaries as the basis of the gang, with some mutants and aliens for variety and flavour.

I quite like the idea of a semi professional band of mercenaries who have evolved into a courier company with military grade weapons and equipment who’ll transport anything from letters and parcels to rare tech, drugs and occult (even xenotech) items. Their motto is “No less trustworthy than our competitors”, they are however much better equipped with an assortment of vehicles, xenobeasts and mutants making up their heavily defended caravans.

The Route Manager is the commander of one of these caravans, a formidable ego who is empowered by the almost mythical Postmaster General to either honour contracts or betray, murder and even rob (in some cases all three) those who employ their services. This utter lack of any moral fibre permeates the organisation and it is only due to the crushing bureaucracy which is required for every action (even the murder of a superior) that the company exists at all, let alone appears to be growing in influence.

So, if you need something precious delivered in good time and with excellent service ……. well ……. your options are limited.

Thanks for looking.

Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

10mm Micro Mordheim modular board

Hello again gentle reader. My normal work hobby routine is generally between the hours of 10pm to 1am and since I’ve been on childcare duty over the course of the summer I’ve been struggling to think of ways to do a sneaky bit of work on the side during the days…. as well as pretending to be a princess, dancing, reading stories and running about.

Behold! My Micro-Mordheim modular board utilising 3mm MDF and cork tiles!

 Mico Mordheim board 1

During one of my many wandering mind moments, my thoughts turned to the 25 or so 10cm x 5cm MDF bases which I have had sitting in a drawer for quite a long time now. All of a sudden, it became clear to me use them to create a modular ruined city for my Micro-Mordheim dream. I promptly chopped up some bits of emergency cork tiling (which turned out to make a pretty decent looking ruin) and my trusty woodcut relief print cutting implement (which turned out to make a pretty decent looking paving pattern) and got to work.

The two little sections didn’t take long to do at all, and I think the size for the initial board looks pretty good with some figures and monsters on. In theory a few carving sessions should sort out the paving sections and ruins leaving only the sand texturing and painting to do…….. might be achievable fairly quickly and certainly more interesting than my previous board making effort!

Also, It takes up a tiny amount of storage space. The box in the image is about an inch deep so a few boxes of tiles should be able to provide a huge number of layout options. Taller ruins will be stored separately.

Tonight’s plan is to finish the spearheads on the Arabian sculpts, then a nice picture for you all to see.

Thanks for looking.

10mm Micro Mordheim modular board