Starting some new 15mm scenery with Post-Apocalyptic aspirations

Lucky me, I had an Amazon voucher. I have been wanting to get my hands on a copy of Horizon Wars for some time so added it to my basket. I was then seduced by the possibility of adding the (relatively) new Scrappers book to my order – I had pre-ordered it but cancelled for some unremembered reason.

My order duly arrived and I quickly thumbed through the Horizon Wars book – looks nice, and I may even be able to concentrate long enough to understand the rules! Not a bad start.

Then I turned to the impulse buy “Scrappers”. I’ve only given it the most cursory of readings but it did get rather excited by it, which in turn made me think of other rulesets which I have enjoyed conceptually (basically: on my own without anyone to tell me I’ve completely misread the rules and am ignoring rules I consider boring) such as This is Not a Test and Rogue Planet. There are some quite cool elements in Scrappers such as the Random Events Table (Flying Spiders! Wandering Warbot! Yay!) and a bunch of tables which give me a warm retro feeling. The variety of traits, weapons and so forth seem well considered and (more importantly) manageable so I’m looking forward to playing around building a few gangs, cults, etc.

Rather nicely, this has made me want to break out my 15mm stockpile since the unpainted drawer is now overflowing and opposed to reducing in size. I wasn’t however in the mood for painting since I’ve got a few figures already done who might be suitable for at least a quick game. Instead I wanted to make some terrain:

Starting scenery

After an evening of cutting cork tile, using some nespresso pods, pausing for conversation and then trawling through some unassembled Ground Zero Games accessories I managed to get started on a few pieces to populate a tiny gaming space.

Next step is to finish these off and then make a board from 4 cork tiles.

For the first time in quite a while I’ve been excited and a bit inspired by a set of rules, additionally I think I can merge bits I like with my other favourites. One thing which I particularly like about the whole sci-fi meets post-apocalypse thing is the very powerful sense of the absurd and how it can be included just pretty much……… well……. because. In fact, because of this book I’ve dug out my battered copies of the Dark Future novels which are without a shadow of a doubt tremendously entertaining (not the peak of quality literature, but entertaining all the same).

Thanks for looking.

Starting some new 15mm scenery with Post-Apocalyptic aspirations