10mm scale Ogres – Getting back to work!

So, Summer is now truly upon us and the intolerable heat has me thinking of my long neglected 10mm scale/Warmaster project. As it turns out I had finished the Spearmen unit so I have to focus fully on getting the Half-Ogres finished in order to make it worthwhile getting them cast up.

Over the last couple of evenings I’ve spent a bit of time on the two armatures which I had started three or four months ago and have loved getting back into it. Here they are at time of writing:


As you can see, some sculpting has been happening. Yeah, I know, you all thought my grand scheme was dead in the water, never going to progress any further…….. well, shame on you naysayers! The project lives on and I’m pretty determined to get a load of work done over the summer with the immediate plan of finishing maybe two or three more ogres to finish the mercenary unit. Next step will be to get the Arabian Spearmen and the Ogres cast up and make some available for sale.

I’ve also been getting some additions to the epic Mechanicus force organised. I’m trying to stay away from 28mm figures since I seem to enjoy what other people do in that scale much more than my own efforts……. Also they take me ages to do when I should really be spending that time sculpting.

More soon!


10mm scale Ogres – Getting back to work!

10mm Halberdiers

Got a bit of focus together and managed to actually finish off my long awaited Halberdiers for my Renaissance/Merchant City themed army. So that, wait for it, two completely finished units……. let battle commence!


Cutting quite a dash in purple and grey/black these chaps are the ever dapper representatives of the Tailors’ Guild. Eager to defend the Guild’s valuable fabrics and secret measuring techniques, these troops take the field whenever the City is under threat and often accompany trade caravans to ensure safe delivery of impeccably cut treasures!

Another unit of pikemen and even some halflings all primed and ready to go.

Thanks for looking.

Experimenting with having a go at this on my phone, so I’m adding a closeup of one stand taken in natural light.


Hmmm, not bad I suppose. I think it looks ok.


10mm Halberdiers

Zoiks! G-G-G-Ghosts! And some WIP

More time passes and I force myself to resist the temptations of other scales, as my piled boxes of untampered treasures whisper to me in my hobby closet. I have however managed to remain faithful and even finished painting some figures!

These Ghosts are Magister Militum figures and were a doddle to paint with only a layer, a wash, some drybrushing and a final bit of highlighting I was able to get them done in record time (also known as tragically slow to other humans).


OoooooooWooooooWoooooooo indeed! Here they are rushing a trio of heroic Goblins who have violated their sanctuary whilst treasure hunting in the proverbial Swampgrave.


For those of you who are keen to see some progress on the sculpting front, here are a couple of WIPs of the next two Half Ogres.


See, they are real, they are happening….. right now in fact. Yea of little faith.

Thanks for looking and more coming soon.

Zoiks! G-G-G-Ghosts! And some WIP

Another Half-Ogre, with a great big club.

It’s been ages, which is quite annoying really. I’ve been really wanting to get hobby stuff done but the general commotion and work have made spare time a bit of a luxury at the moment.

I have however been spending the odd moment here and there getting some sculpting done, a bit of painting on the scenery and even getting some 15mm sci fi painted. For the time being however, here is the latest Ogre type fellow. Hopefully you get a decent enough view of the front and back (including the string of sausages), he’s armed with a branch like club with a couple of sharp rocks wedged into it, nice and barbaric.

So there we are, another one finished…ish since I’m sure there will be something to adjust. There are a couple more dollies ready for sculpting so hopefully I’ll be getting soem more putty pushed again soon.

I have been enjoying doing some painting which has been easier than sculpting to get done sporadically, so next time I’ll be putting up a couple of sci-fi characters to go with those Orange suited guards from a few months ago. I have an abiding love of sci-fi and 15mm miniatures so it’s been a joy to get a couple of figures ready for the impending release of Rogue Stars by Osprey which’ll be out on the 15th of December…… Just in time for my Birthday!

More to come soon.

Another Half-Ogre, with a great big club.

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Another mini update….. but a bit of a landmark for my modest little project. I’ve painted up the test cast of one of my 10mm Fantasy Arabian Spearmen and here he is in all his garish glory:


I’ve posed him next to a couple of my Polar Fox Goblins, and am pretty chuffed with how he’s turned out! It was reasonably simple to pick out the details (which I thought my sculpting skills weren’t up to getting right but have turned out passably) and although the colour scheme is a bit simplistic I hope it shows that the figure could work with a wide variety of colours.

If anyone is wondering I will definately be putting the Spearmen into production at some point, I just need to get some more sculpting done in order to get the most from the moulds. So, as you see the half-ogres develop the production date will start to appear on the horizon.

Thanks for looking!

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Slowly but surely…… more grey

Some more time trickles by, and I’ve managed to get a bit more sculpting done. Unfortunately work continues to be a bit more demanding than usual at the moment, so most evenings are resulting in an unruly collapse into the sofa and not the usual extra couple of hour of hobbytime.

In any case, I thought I’d post up a picture of the WIP of the second half-Ogre, the standard bearer and the musician. Once these two remaining command group chaps are done that’ll be the spearmen finished…. I think.


The Half-Ogres are coming on – I’ve started on a third sculpt – and I’m thinking of having a selection of four or five different sculpts for the basic unit. I’m hoping that will be enough of a variety to keep the unit looking interesting. One thing I have written up and that’s an outline of the Units I’d like to sculpt to create a fully holistic army……… it’s at least 10 different unit types (so, as always I’m making life easy for myself) which I’m hoping will make an eclectic, colourful and exotic force.

More hopefully soon!

Slowly but surely…… more grey

Some more Polar Fox Goblins and they have a Troll!

It’s been an age since my last post, partly due to the first few hectic weeks of term and combined with a poorly 4 year old who is also going through one of those ‘stages’ (basically arguing about anything and everything).

However, I will attempt to redress the lack of miniature joy by finally posting up those long awaited Goblins!


Once again these are some stunning models from Polar Fox Miniatures, and I know I haven’t added the static grass but I just wanted to get them photographed so they feel kind of finished. Then they can join the rest of the Goblin gang – who I’m starting to think would be pretty groovy as a Swampgrave (you guessed it, Frostgrave in a swamp full of ruins, huge tree stumps and magical aquarium plants) warband so I’m going to have to get the Shaman painted up…… although I may also have a go at sculpting one.

In the picture there are a couple of fighty types and a rather fun assassin as well as the lumbering and rather cross looking Troll. They were, as always, great fun to paint and I’m a bit annoyed that I let the process drag on for so long. I painted the Troll blue because I always wanted one of the GW Stone Trolls when I was younger and also since I needed a change from green.

In other news I’ve actually been working away sporadically on the standard bearer and musician as well as the second Ogre chap – all of whom should be finished within a week if I get a few evenings in of sustained labour. This and the usual fiddling around with scenery (I’ll get some finished one day I promise) and trying not to get distracted by the urge to get totally distracted by all the sci-fi and post apocalypse stuff that my traitorous mind keeps wanting me to look at.

Pictures of more grey stuff will be following hopefully soon.


Some more Polar Fox Goblins and they have a Troll!