Got some painting done, and even finished off the Pikemen! Woop!

So the sculpting has slowed a bit as I’m starting to get the command figures for a unit done, almost finished a captain, and the two Troll-type figures are taking a while to get completed – they’re taking shape nicely but I’m finding that trying to bulk them out to give a ‘just right’ feeling a bit slow. It doesn’t help that I can only get a tiny amount of putty on the figure then have to wait 24hours until the next chance to get a layer on, anyhow I think they’re coming on nicely and look forward to sharing them hopefully soon!

On the other hand, slowness of sculpting means that I’ve had a chance to finish off some figures. First up are some more Gobbos for my Micro Mordheim crew, these guys really are the runts of the litter so they’re looking pretty dull…… but then again I don’t suppose they’ll be lasting long on the table.


Second in line are my finally finished Pikemen. I know, they’ve been in process for ever but I find basing really dull and so I’m quite pleased to have a finished unit to flash about the interwebs.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a unit of Halberdiers finished by Christmas.

Thanks for looking.

Got some painting done, and even finished off the Pikemen! Woop!

Sneaky Peak of the painted Pikemen

Hello all, just thought I’d post up a quickie of some of the finished Pikemen. They just need varnishing in basing, then I’ll have an entire finished unit!

Painted pike Unit1

Nice and colourful little chaps, the banner has a key on it (don’t ask me why, I think the reason I tend not to finish whole units id because I get a total mind blank when it comes to banners) and the splodge is a twin tailed comet – just to Warhammerify it up a bit.

Thanks for looking!

Sneaky Peak of the painted Pikemen

On the Painting Table – 10mm stuff and a Track of the day

So, in the midst of the rather horrible turmoil in which we find ourselves in, I have found some meditative calm and solace at the painting table. Currently on the go are:

Some Pikemen from Warmonger Miniatures. I started a unit of these ages ago, but they got damaged during a move and I ended up getting distracted. Here I am starting another one, but I’ve already realised that I need to prime up two more front rank strips to get the numbers right for 3 strips arranged like cavalry….. d’oh!


Some Halberdiers, again from Warmonger Miniatures. I was delighted to get in just before the end of the Kickstarter for these and bought an indecent number of them, about time I cracked on and got painting then.


Have also been beavering away at some scenery for the modular gaming table, behold rocks and ruin ready for painting.

Finally; a new piece of music from Portishead which is found on the soundtrack to the film High-Rise based on the (wonderful) novel by J.G.Ballard. This has to be one of the most unusual renditions of an ABBA song which manages to be both moving and unsettling especially given the circumstances it was released (in tribute to the brutally murdered politician Jo Cox). Not only this, but the sentiment of SOS seems somewhat appropriate given the current circumstances………….. Enjoy the tune.

On the Painting Table – 10mm stuff and a Track of the day