Iron Hands – Test model

Hello all, another little tester today. This time it’s an Iron Hand, I’d put this figure together a while ago with the intention of him being an asthmatic Death Guard but I thought he frankly just looked a bit more Iron Handy. What do you reckon?


I was a bit apprehensive about all that black since I tend to avoid it, but I threw caution to the wind and just bloody went for it. Also, in a similar way to white gouache on a watercolour, adding the sctatching and chips seemed to help. The muddy boots were a crushed brown pastel mixed with a bit of matt varnish, so basically super cheap weathering pigment.

Now, up until this point I’ve never been interested in the Iron Hands…… ever. But it seems that they are growing on me since they appear to be very simple conversion fodder – perfect for those Skitarii who I can’t be bothered to assemble so I think they’ll be fun for spare parts, heads, weapons and so on. I quite like the mechanicum too so the whole post-human meets cold rational machine stuff looks like it could be fun…… and there’s no forgetting the mechanicum and the “Motive Force” stuff. I’m thinking of converting an Age of Sigmar figure into an Iron Hand Force Master…..or something.

Anyhow, back to the plastic and resin carvery for some chaps to keep him company.

Thanks for looking

Iron Hands – Test model