Epic Scale Primarch W.I.P

Hello all. Well, it’s been a bit of a busy time at the moment but I have at least managed to prime my epic Skitarii unit so I hope to be getting some paint onto them soon.

Also, I sat down this evening at a bit of a loose end. Not really wanting to start any painting and certainly not wanting to wash any resin, so I ended up chopping up a 10mm Orc. As I was doing so it occurred to me that an Epic scale Primarch might be quite fun and a big lad like this should work out pretty well. I found a figure with a hammer and thought I might have a go at cobbling together a mini Vulkan. Here he is after a bit of fiddling around, he still needs quite a bit more work but I hope you get the idea.

Primarch wip

I need to let the putty cure before adding any more but I hope to get a head and cape done along with some details and corrections. I popped a Novan Elite and Onslaught Cultist next to him for scale.

And yes, the lizard skull is huge but it’ll do for now. This is a bit of a mock up and I think I’ll have a go at sculpting a primarch or two from scratch, maybe Magnus, without his weird pec-horns.

Thanks for looking.

Epic Scale Primarch W.I.P

Small….. But perfectly formed – 6mm size comparisons

Hello all. No painting or modelling today I’m afraid, but instead something that may be useful to some.

I’ve been putting off buying some of the Defeat in Detail Novan Elites for quite some time now, not sure as to whether they would look very good or be wildly out of proportion with any other figures suitable for this diminutive scale. Over the last couple of years I’ve been impulse buying 6mm figures from Microworld Games and Onslaught Miniatures (and random purchases of Spartan Games’ Dystopian Wars and Planetfall, but more on that Later) in the hope of creating some kind of 30k 6mm armies, unfortunately I never really focused enough on the project and it’s languished in neglect for too long.

One of the main issues I had was finding any images illustrating the sizes of the figures in comparison with one another, so I’ve taken some pictures of some of my little chaps:

Big Group

from the left we have: Epic Armageddon Predator (turretless), OM (Onslaught Minis) Corrupted Athena, OM Athena Defender, DiD (Defeat in Detail) Novan Elite, OM Hellborn Cultist, MG (Microworld Games) Cyclopean Demon, OM Minerva, OM Nemesis Bike.

Small Group

Again from the left: SG (Spartan Games) Faust Battle Robot, OM Athena Defender, DiD Novan Elite, EW (Exodus Wars) Edenite Jump Infantry and finally the Hellborn Cultist again.

I think I have enough of a selection for pretty much most of the armies I would want to make, these being: A variety of Astartes Legions, Custodes and Mechanicus.

I’ve made a tentative start on the Mechanicus and this is where some of the varied Spartan Games purchased are going to come into their own. The Dystopian Wars range looks pretty good for the steampunkish look of the Mechanicum (and would probably look fine with a legion like the Iron Warriors). Here is a little sneek peek of some of Mechanicus hardware:

Mechanicum Hardware

I think they’ll work nicely. Also, a group of Skitarii have scrounged a gunship from somewhere:

Skitarii Dropship

It’ll need some bits and bobs tacked on, probably from the extremely useful 40k Skitarii sprues, coils and whatnot. Once that’s done I think it’ll make a pretty serviceable piece of kit.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what army lists I’m using the short answer is I’m just trying to throw together fun units that I think should exist…… I don’t really know any of the rules.

Thanks for looking!

Small….. But perfectly formed – 6mm size comparisons

Iron Hands – Test model

Hello all, another little tester today. This time it’s an Iron Hand, I’d put this figure together a while ago with the intention of him being an asthmatic Death Guard but I thought he frankly just looked a bit more Iron Handy. What do you reckon?


I was a bit apprehensive about all that black since I tend to avoid it, but I threw caution to the wind and just bloody went for it. Also, in a similar way to white gouache on a watercolour, adding the sctatching and chips seemed to help. The muddy boots were a crushed brown pastel mixed with a bit of matt varnish, so basically super cheap weathering pigment.

Now, up until this point I’ve never been interested in the Iron Hands…… ever. But it seems that they are growing on me since they appear to be very simple conversion fodder – perfect for those Skitarii who I can’t be bothered to assemble so I think they’ll be fun for spare parts, heads, weapons and so on. I quite like the mechanicum too so the whole post-human meets cold rational machine stuff looks like it could be fun…… and there’s no forgetting the mechanicum and the “Motive Force” stuff. I’m thinking of converting an Age of Sigmar figure into an Iron Hand Force Master…..or something.

Anyhow, back to the plastic and resin carvery for some chaps to keep him company.

Thanks for looking

Iron Hands – Test model

Death Guard Test Painting WIP

Finally managed to spend a bit of time on the Death Guard test figure which I began quite a while ago now. As I think I mentioned before, I really wanted to try to free up my painting technique a bit and be a bit more gestural with my approach. This kind of worked and I think it suits the Death Guard – particularly the 26th Company (clerical error – but this, and their somewhat unorthodox history, will be elaborated on later).

DG Front

I’ve had a go at some weathering, grime and whatnot and found the scratches a bit of a struggle. I used a bit of sponge (probably far too tiny) for the scratching which was a little tricky to control but came out okay-ish I think. I’m quite happy with the result of the armour colour, almost the colour of nicotine stained teeth, since I really wanted to move away from white. The emblem was a pain, so I’m really going to have to practice that.

Any weathering tips are more than welcome, I’ve checked out loads of tutorials but word of mouth knowledge is always better in my opinion.

Anyhow, he still needs a bit of soot staining and mud as well as the base, so there are still some bits to do. I primed my converted figure so I’ll start on that too I think, when he’s done I’ll put up some history for the 26th.

Thanks for looking.

Death Guard Test Painting WIP

Rhino-Plasti…….. or, my continued effort to make a 15mm Rhino

A little update on my progress. I’ve added some more plasticard to the surfaces – Yeah, I know, it’s all a bit wonky but don’t judge.


During one of those “what on earth am I going to use for wheels on my tank” moments, which I’m sure we all have, my eyes settled on a piece of work related detritus.


Indeed, the trusty edding 55 Fineliner! Being subject to much abuse from my students the crippled husks of these workhorses litter the department as a warning to other, more sensitive writing implements. Needless to say I thought it could serve me well and promptly tore it apart………….. resulting in some perfectly(ish) sized little wheels.

The machine still needs a bit more work but I’m already planning my next one, with maybe putting a bit more effort into trying to line stuff up. Maybe.

Thanks for looking.

Rhino-Plasti…….. or, my continued effort to make a 15mm Rhino

Some Works in Progress – this time it’s Death Guard

Welcome back. Once again my inability to fully commit has reared it’s ugly head once again and I’ve changed my mind about which 30k legion to paint. I liked the idea of the pre Magnus Thousand Sons, but the painting wasn’t that much fun so I’ve decided to have a go at 30k Death Guard instead. The idea being that the opportunity to get them dirty will be a bit more enjoyable. Here is the base layer for the colourscheme:


I’ve started with a yellowy brown base and aimed at a kind of bone white as the basic colour for the armour – as opposed to the usual white. I’ll be making him all grubby and dirty next and having a go with some new inks I purchased at Salute yesterday. Very much looking forward to cracking on with this.

I recently read somewhere a wonderful piece of advice which basically states that when converting and painting Space Marines, you have to try and think of them each as having their own individual personalities and histories. Now this may seem obvious, but to a dullard like me it was something of a revelation and to that end I have decided that I will convert every single figure to varying degrees. hopefully this will keep the project fresh and interesting, as well as the fact that I hate painting the same model/pose/uniform over and over again. Here is the first slightly altered marine (still needs a bit more work):

DG Mod

Yesterday I also managed to buy a load of bits from the likes of Anvil Industries (very lovely people) and the discount packs of Kromlech and Spellcrow from Dark Sphere. So now I’ve got some dynamic and bionic legs, different arms, jet packs and torsos to play around with – I’ve washed a few already! Basically I’m planning to get a squad of Death Guard and a squad of Night Lords (I know, they’re dreadful douchebags but I find the fact that they hate each other almost as much as their enemies quite entertaining) all painted up to maybe play the new Shadow War Armageddon game with.

Thanks for looking, more to come.

Some Works in Progress – this time it’s Death Guard

15mm Iron Warriors – A finished squad!

10 days have passed and I’ve actually got something to show for it:

Painted squad

A real life finished 10 (post-hu)man squad. I think they’re probably a bit too shiny and clean, but I’m not fussed about that to be honest. In my mind a legion which has hazard stripes as part of their livery is no doubt fastidious when it comes to tidiness – as well as Health & Safety.

My Iron Warriors only commit to battle when overwhelming superiority ensures complete victory (so far, so canon)and once ALL relevant risk assessments have been completed…. in triplicate. A process which can often take weeks, by which time a besieged enemy has probably surrendered. You will note in the photograph that at least one heavy weapon specialist is not wearing the mandatory high visibility support harness. A lack of due care and attention to basic H&S will often be punishable by death. The paperwork alone for such a sentence is an ordeal in itself and more than one tactical comms officer (responsible for checking the forms) has put themselves in harm’s way in a desperate attempt to put an end to the tedium.

In other news; I’m starting to paint a 28mm Death Guard marine to experiment with a paint scheme. The idea is a yellowy brown going up to a bone white, then lots of weathering and so on which I’ve never done before but looks like fun. I quite like the idea of a staunchly loyalist Death Guard army who are completely ruined with disease but refuse to acknowledge their corruption, partly on account of their militant atheism as well as their stubborn refusal to give in to any form of contagion. Anyways, best get the sample done then I can start some conversions.

Thanks for looking.

15mm Iron Warriors – A finished squad!