A Pox on you! 6mm Nurgle Barbarian Marauders.

Two posts in as many weeks? And on the same project? Do your eyes deceive you gentle reader?

Fear not, you remain in full command of your wits as you behold a rare treat! I’ve actually managed to finish a third unit for my Chaos army, which would probably be enough to constitute half of the required points for a Dragon Rampant force.

This pasty bunch with their greasy locks and rusted weaponry have pledged their souls to the most affable of the Chaotic pantheon, the jolly rotter himself – Nurgle.


I think they pull off the look well enough.

Next up will be the finished Blade Demons.

Thanks for looking.

A Pox on you! 6mm Nurgle Barbarian Marauders.

And a Barbaric New Year to you too!

As you’ll have probably guessed from my output over the last year, it’s been another twelve months of not really settling and being able to focus on anything for an extended period of time. I also spent the last couple of weeks not doing anything hobby related and focusing a bit on the five year old human and enduring her increasingly Stalinist temperament, which has rather surprisingly cleared the mind somewhat.

I spent a bit of time sorting out an ebay pile in an attempt to balance the always parlous ¬†finances and discovered that a fellow really can have a few too many miniatures. I’ll be mostly shedding the 28mm mountain since I really love the models but frankly find painting them a chore (although I will keep my as yet unassembled Alpha Legion project components). This will leave me with rather alot of neglected 15mm, 10mm and 6mm miniatures to imagine painting. In stark contrast to my proven record I thought I’d get on and bloody well paint some!

Barbarians 2

I love these 6mm Microworld Dark Alliance barbarians, and the rest of the range are pretty awesome too (apart from the cavalry, the horses are damn huge, almost 10mm scale and I think I’m going to have to look for some alternatives). These chaps are the second Marauder Warband for my Dragon Rampant Chaos army (the dream is to reproduce every unit found in the End Times books, hah!). I’ve gone back to the 10x40mm bases on a movement tray since it’s reasonably versatile should I ever get around to playing a game.

Here they are with another warband of chums who were painted back in July:

Two Warbands on a worktop

So at this rate it looks like I’ll be dead long before I finish the army. I kid. I’ve a warband of marauders pledged to Nurgle almost finished, some Blade Demons and a unit of heavily armoured evil crossbowmen all based up.

Hopefully my recent purge will encourage some focus.

Thanks for looking.

And a Barbaric New Year to you too!

Alpha Legion Test Painting

Hello all. If you happen to be an even occasional reader of this site, you will certainly be familiar with my deficit of focus when it comes to organising and even getting a project off the ground. It is normal for me to start with an idea, assemble a model and then move onto another project in a different scale and bearing little relation to what I’ve begun. It’s unfortunately how my head functions, and tremendously irritating.

True to form I’ve started another project.

The inglorious 20th Legion, the Alpha Legion, are one of my favourite Heresy Era concepts. They are devious, dishonest, scheming and duplicitous to a hammy and entertaining extreme – to the extent that no one knows which side they are on (perhaps they don’t even know themselves). I was lucky enough to have my wife and daughter buy me the Dark Imperium boxed game for my Christmas treat and I’m very keen to start messing about with some of those new big marines – who I hope to be using as Alpha Legion.

Since there seems to be no real consensus as to an actual legion colourscheme I thought I’d go with a bit of a mixup and painted this fellow as a test figure:

I’ve tried to give a him a pretty weathered look, I like the idea of Alpha Legion operatives being infiltrated for months/years causing trouble (also I hate painting flat clean colours because I always screw it up and muck hides a multitude of sins), so I really went to town on his armour. I’ve used washes of greens, purples and blues over the azure as tests but I think they look alright together and neatly avoid me having to commit to a solid colourscheme (which I won’t be able to exactly reproduce!). I also gave him solid metallic arms, one with a wash over it, since I like the effect it gives on the cover of the Legion novel.

So, a pretty chilled out (read scruffy) paintjob which will hopefully transfer over to the big Primaris fellows and it would be interesting to hear any thoughts on the colourscheme.

More to come soon…

Promises, promises.

Alpha Legion Test Painting

6mm Night Lord

Hello all. Once again it’s been a dreadfully long time but it’s been a proportionally very long few months, I have however continued to be inspired by all the wonderful aspirational work on the usual forums and some very exciting blogs. Finally getting my brain back into hobby enjoyment mode, I actually managed to get something painted last night.

It is ever so tiny but it’s a 6mm Edenite Jump Trooper from the Exodus Wars range (sadly now defunct I believe), painted up in the livery of those incorrigable back-stabbing bastards – the Night Lords.

Night Lord 6mm 1

As usual I’ve got some kind of a hare-brained grand project simmering away. The idea is to build a modular urban/hive board for playing 6mm scale skirmishes on. As suggested already, the first team will be some Night Lords but I’ve amassed eough of a selection to create some passable Custodes, Genestealer Cult, lots of different coloured Space Marines, Mechanicus, Arbites….. and perhaps even a few more.

Anyway, hopefully another figure up soon ann maybe even some wonky terrain!

Thanks for looking.

6mm Night Lord

6mm Blade Demons and an experiment with bases

True to the somewhat erratic nature of the development of my projects, I have made yet another jump in scale – this time back down to the diminutive 6mm and Fantasy is the order of the day.

But first, a note on the basing. It’s no secret that I find the basing of miniatures to be something of a chore, as well as finding it difficult to inject any real sense of additional atmosphere to the figure or unit and so I’ve tried something a bit different. I’ve seen some amazing unit bases – generally for Napoleonic armies – and thought I could apply some elements to my own figures.

Blade Demons1

As I generally paint and game primarily as a personal project I do not need to subscribe to any particular set of basing criteria, so I went for an 80mm x 60mm base and tried to make it interesting. I would assume that Demons, particularly fighty and angry ones, would have little sense of unit cohesion so I tried to arrange them as though they rushing towards their enemies in a scattered formation.

Blade Demons2

I’m pretty pleased with the results and there is an additional bonus. Economy. I can use fewer individual figures to hopefully give the impression of full units, which means that I can get two bases of Blade Demons from a pack instead of just one and have a few leftovers to populate character and monster bases…… yay! I do love the Microworld range, but unfortunately the import tax makes them a rare and expensive treat so I’m hoping some large bases will give the slightly thinned units a bit of visual impact.

I also found a stash of Baccus6mm Ancients (Romans, Persians, Parthians etc) who might be fun to implement as some Fantasy civilisations. Might be another fun project to start!

Thanks for looking.

6mm Blade Demons and an experiment with bases

We Interrupt this Broadcast….. 7TV and a Crooked Dice Commando

Oh my…….. I’ve come over all retro.

Something a little different today. A few years ago I ordered a pile of rather lovely Crooked Dice miniatures, unfortunately I became distracted by other projects and they sadly languished in the darkest depths of my hobby closet.

As I conducted an extensive reorganisation of the facility I came across the long neglected hoard. It was a fortuitous find, as I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with my usual Sci-Fi and Fantasy projects – boredom through overexposure perhaps – and these really got my brain-box buzzing with some entertaining narrative based skirmishes.

Anyhow, without further ado here is the first painted figure – a Department X Commando:

He was fun to paint. The Crooked Dice sculpts are uncluttered and economical, which I found to be quite a refreshing change from some of my recent projects (6mm/10mm and the larger scale Fantasy and Sci-Fi) and change can be somewhat invigorating.

I downloaded the free rules from the Crooked Dice website and they look interesting, I will need to give them a proper read and start assembling a few casts. The first bunch (the good guys) will be a mashup of U.N.I.T, S.H.A.D.O maybe a tad of U.N.C.L.E too in order to create an organisation capable of protecting the planet from all manner of threats…….. I’ve also got the John Pertwee inspired model which I’m really looking forward to painting.

More hopefully soon and thanks for looking!

We Interrupt this Broadcast….. 7TV and a Crooked Dice Commando

Great big Undead Chaos Troll – or, Abominatroll – and another Skeleton

Another leap in scale from the diminutive 6mm to the mighty 28. Yes indeed, the scale which I was hoping to avoid but as it turns out I quite enjoy painting. Boooooo.

About a year ago I was bought the Zombicide: Black Plague box set of Zombie Bosses as an Anniversary present. Now I’ve never played, nor will probably ever play, any Zombicide game but the trio of monsters in this set were too good to resist and I was convinced that they would be suitable as beasties and bosses for general adventuring and skirmishes. Fast forward about 300 days and I’ve finally gotten around to painting the biggest and meanest member of the gang, the Abominatroll.

Face of fury

This is probably the biggest miniature that I’ve painted (I know, it’s not even terribly big) and I think I’ve learned a few things when considering the different methods involved in painting at 6mm and 28mm scale. For instance, it was a big mistake to go straight in with a black wash over the base layer when painting at a larger scale as I ended up with a very dark surface to work back into. At 6mm this would be totally fine. At 28mm monster scale it proved to be a pain in the ass and I’m a bit disappointed by the outcome. However, some things did work and I enjoyed being a bit more gestural with the brush and using a sketchier approach to painting. Here is a picture of the chap in full:


I’m going to use him as a raised from the dead Chaos Troll in an undead warband. After painting the Troll I promptly cracked on with another of the excellent Mantic skeletons:

So now I have a total of 2 skeletons and a monster for my skirmish/adventuring warband! For me that’s pretty much a full army!

To the eagle eyed among you the new grass tufts and flowers will not have been ignored, they are from the rather excellent Serious-Play and are self adhesive. Unforgivingly self adhesive in fact. They also do a rather generous £5 discount if you sign up their Newsletter.

That’s it for now chaps, thanks for looking.


Great big Undead Chaos Troll – or, Abominatroll – and another Skeleton