Pre-Magnus Thousand Sons test painting

Once again, another huge delay snce my last post. It’s just been one of those periods of time which have somehow been very difficult in terms of focusing on a particular project – to the extent that I even bought a load of 6mm stuff from the HLS sale just as a means of distraction! Oh well, there’s still some space in my 6mm drawer so they can be hidden away for some future whimsey.

Not all is lost however, as I managet to assemble a 28mm MKIII armoured Space Marine. And even get some paint on him………. I know! Totally unexpected!

There he is, still some work to do like the lenses and some more highlights on the blingin’ metalwork (hey, he’s an Achaemenid, Xerxes hung gold all over a tree since it looked so rad) and maybe some weathering……. but I’m not too sure how mucky I want him to look. Perhaps he could use his Psycho-Force powers to clean his armour every now and then, I know I would.

So why a pre-Magnus Thousand Son I hear you cry (Well, he’s not actually from the pre-Magnus times, he’s actually part of a group who had wondered off somewhere while Prospero was totally wrecked and now dream of the good old days before psychic Hellboy turned up and bartered their souls away to some demon God). Basically I always quite liked the idea of the Thousand Sons as a Legion – A bunch of Post-Human super soldiers slinging Psy powers about like some kind of heavily armoured Darth Vader…… with guns. What’s not to love?

Also I really like the early background fluff. The fact that they were primarily recruited from the Achaemenid Empire (the first to sensibly acknowledge the Emperor as the new man in charge without any fuss), ironically on account of their genetic stability. To me this Achaemenid link makes them a bit more interesting than most legions and I’ve always been a bit disappointed that they are quite so Egyptian in their representation, although I guess it kind of makes sense in terms of being readily accessible and the clear occult links with 19th Century Western mysticism (Golden Dawn et al).

I’ve got a bit of an idea for my gang’s background. They were out and about with a Mechanicum Explorator fleet (a Cybernetica one with whom they still enjoy a close alliance) while Prospero was attacked. Once the shock of the news passed they sat down and took a long hard look at what they had become. Their conclusions were:

1 – Magnus was a charlatan who sold them out by using his parlour tricks to commune with obnoxios and unknowable Demon Gods. The legion was better off without him as the flesh change was a trap set by Tzeentch and there would have been another way to cure it.

2 – The Emperor (beloved by all) is a Machivellian douchebag who makes the Alpha Legion look like children playing hide and seek when it comes to keeping secrets and making stuff up.

3 – There may be something in this “Motive Force” which their Cybernetica pals are always banging on about.

Now they, and the Explorator fleet, are just cruising around space exploring stuff, fraternising with aliens and busting baddies’ chops while doing their best to help out the little man (or little alien man) who is eternally getting dumped upon by an entire galaxy stuffed full of maniacs, sadists and zealots.

In an ideal world I’d like to get a bunch of these painted up, but I’m already hating the process of assembling plastic kits. One of the great things about 15mm is the fact that most figures just need a little flash cleaned up, then they’re good to go…. basically I just want a simple life! That said, I’ve chopped up some pieces using an age of sigmar knight doing hocus pocus with his hands who’ll be a character for my Thousand Sons. Just need to put the damned fellow together.

Next up – Some Ion Age 15mm Prydian’s who’ll be playing the part of Space Marines, still using them as 30k but more Rogue Tradery – when no one could quite agree on what the Space Marines should look like. Just need to figure out which legion, hmmmmm, my new metallic paints are suggesting Iron Warriors……. maybe.

Oh, and I’m also scrachbuilding a 15mm scale Rhino because it’s the cutest APC ever. No debate.

Thanks for reading that stream of consciousness.

Pre-Magnus Thousand Sons test painting