Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!

Another rather generous post today, as I’ve been a busy little bee! My foray into fantasy continues with another pair of Goblins for the Mordheim/Frostgrave/Whatever crew. A relatively plain blade wielder and a rather cocky looking spearman striking a pose on a small space hopper-esque creature with a face full of teeth!

CockyGobbos frontCockyGobbos Back

I’ve also been looking at scenery for my grand plan for Mordheim style battlefield. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find anything I really like, particularly at 10mm(ish) scale. And even more particularly I want some ruined buildings, after all the city was struck by a comet (or trapped in a glacier depending on the game being played). Also, considering that I’d rather spend money on figure rather than terrain I thought I’d have a go at making some myself…. here’s an almost finished large house/hostel in some step by step pictures.


Foamboard template

With added matchsticks


Added card and lollipop sticks

I’ll get some pictures with some Goblins for scale. It’s probably a bit on the large side but I wanted it to provide some proper interactive terrain for units to move through and fight over, so having it a little bigger means that it can accommodate a couple of figures nicely. Lots more tiling to do which is a bit of a pain in the proverbial, but it looks like it’ll be worth it, then it’s on to basing and painting! I’m hoping to get a few more made soon, there’s lots of food for inspiration on the interwebs so I’m looking forward to cutting quite a few more tiles.

Finally a little sneaky peek at my latest sculpting effort. After I got bored of Sci-fi and aborted my 15mm sculpt I’ve had another go at a 10mm figure. Mainly because I’m a bit disappointed with the historical and fantasy Arabian figures since they’re either a bit small or just lacking in a bit of fantasy razzle-dazzle. Anyway, here’s my effort of a very much WIP for hopefully a Mage character for my Merchant Princes force. I’ve photographed him alongside a Magister Militum figure and he’s probably on the large side of 10mm (a bit like the GW Araby sculpts).

Araby Sculpt

Thanks for looking and more hopefully soon.


Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!