A little diversion: some WIP terrain pieces using some obsolete CDs

I’ve a big stack Compact Disks/DVDs which I don’t use anymore – my laptop won’t even play DVDs – so I thought I’d use them as the base for some cork terrain that I’m playing around with at the moment.



Using some cork tiles (pretty cheap from a DIY shop, they measure about 30cm x 30cm and come in a pack of 9….. they should last for ages) chopped up into bricks and tiles I played around and randomly came up with these two pieces. They still need to have the sand added but once painted up I think they could be quite neat terrain pieces and I’m working on a few more.

The first pic is with 10mm figures and the second with a 15mm figure. As far as I can tell the scenery should look pretty decent with both scales.

The Tree stumps are theĀ Blasted Tree Stumps from War World Gaming on amazon. They come in bags of 10 and are much better than anything I can muster up the energy to do (the lack of completed terrain pieces on this blog is testament to how quickly I lose interest in scenic items…… even though I really want to have some nice finished ones!).

Sculpting wise, there are a couple more half ogres on the go and I’m having a go at a 10mm Vampire with a big collar and cloak – more a Bela Lugosi cliche Vampire than anything too contemporary and ‘edgy’! I’ve go loads of 10mm undead individually based and I’d quite like an old skool vampire to be their mesmeric master. On the subject of characters, I was thinking of sculpting a number of figures that may end up being cast as a characters pack….. say 6 archetype baddies or D&D type monsters since I think 10mm could do the dungeon crawl thing just as well as 6mm seems to be able to.

Thanks for looking.


A little diversion: some WIP terrain pieces using some obsolete CDs

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Another mini update….. but a bit of a landmark for my modest little project. I’ve painted up the test cast of one of my 10mm Fantasy Arabian Spearmen and here he is in all his garish glory:


I’ve posed him next to a couple of my Polar Fox Goblins, and am pretty chuffed with how he’s turned out! It was reasonably simple to pick out the details (which I thought my sculpting skills weren’t up to getting right but have turned out passably) and although the colour scheme is a bit simplistic I hope it shows that the figure could work with a wide variety of colours.

If anyone is wondering I will definately be putting the Spearmen into production at some point, I just need to get some more sculpting done in order to get the most from the moulds. So, as you see the half-ogres develop the production date will start to appear on the horizon.

Thanks for looking!

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.

Hello all. Just a quick update to show that some progress has been made on the sculpting front.

Two of the ogres are now finished, I went back and added a couple of pieces of armour to my first one since he looked a little vulnerable. Also another burly fellow has been started, this time holding a large weapon of as yet undecided type…. a hammer, a trident…. I don’t know!


The Standard bearer is also now finished and the Musician just needs some decoration on the front of his turban, then that’s all the spearman unit done I think. I’ll put up a picture of the whole selection of sculpts when they’re off the corks.

So there we are. I’m now going to focus on getting the half-ogre chaps finished then I hope to be able to get a master mould and production moulds made up, that’s the plan anyway. I would expect there to be less demand for the half-ogres, but they could be added to an existing army as an exotic unit or to another Ogre army as vassal troops or something.

On the subject of Ogre armies, there is a rather wonderful and very old-school style force currently up on kickstarter. I would urge you to go and take a look and at the very least go for a couple of units since the do look rather marvelous:

Black Gate Miniatures – Ogre Army Kickstarter

The creator – Barry – is also one of the co presenters of the excellent Warmaster Podcast which has been instrumental in my own project and re-igniting the passions when the flames of productivity burn low. Give it a listen, it’s rather good.

More soon.


Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.

A peek into the Day Job – Life Drawing Classes

As I’m sure many of you are unaware, I’m a teacher. However, I’m a teacher who’s lucky enough to teach A Level Fine Art and Textiles at a 6th form college! At the moment we’ve been doing our annual intensive 2 week life drawing classes which, while quite a learning curve for the new students and old alike, is tremendously rewarding and it’s a genuine pleasure to see students who have never drawn the figure from life really engaging with the process.

It’s also a great opportunity for me to get some practice done, since I don’t draw from the figure anywhere near often enough. Today I’m posting a selection of example drawing which I do at the beginning of classes in order to talk the students through the techniques and processes which they will be using during the lesson.

Firstly some very quick drawings in pen:


Now in pencil paying careful attention to measuring and proportion:


On one of the days we were without a model, so we pinched a skeleton from the Biology department:


Poster paint applied with bits of card along with some fingerpainting!:


and then the obligatory Charcoal drawing:


All in all it’s been an enjoyable couple of weeks with alot of students, who were pretty terrified at the start, growing in confidence and produceing some great work. I’m a bit old fashioned and believe that observational drawing is the foundation of almost all forms of visual art and a very immediate way of communicating ideas.

Interestingly enough, many of the common dificulties that I find that people have when drawing from life is that they over think the transition from 3D form to 2D representation. My students get fed up with my constant entreaties to “Stop thinking!” and train themselves to look, measure and make a mark. Measuring is the key to accurate drawing, and the easiest way to overcome our brain’s desire to rationalise the conversion of a human figure into what is essentially an graphite abstraction.

Anyways, I could ramble on, thanks for looking and I hope to be getting some more sculpting and painting up soon.

A peek into the Day Job – Life Drawing Classes

Slowly but surely…… more grey

Some more time trickles by, and I’ve managed to get a bit more sculpting done. Unfortunately work continues to be a bit more demanding than usual at the moment, so most evenings are resulting in an unruly collapse into the sofa and not the usual extra couple of hour of hobbytime.

In any case, I thought I’d post up a picture of the WIP of the second half-Ogre, the standard bearer and the musician. Once these two remaining command group chaps are done that’ll be the spearmen finished…. I think.


The Half-Ogres are coming on – I’ve started on a third sculpt – and I’m thinking of having a selection of four or five different sculpts for the basic unit. I’m hoping that will be enough of a variety to keep the unit looking interesting. One thing I have written up and that’s an outline of the Units I’d like to sculpt to create a fully holistic army……… it’s at least 10 different unit types (so, as always I’m making life easy for myself) which I’m hoping will make an eclectic, colourful and exotic force.

More hopefully soon!

Slowly but surely…… more grey