Epic 40k Chaos APCs…. just need painting. And a spot of music from Petit Noir!

The four Ramjack APCs have finished being Nurgle-ified, and I quite happy with the results!

Epic Nurgle APC Details 2

These were good fun to do and I’m looking forward to not only getting some paint on these, but also unleashing the putty on some of the rest of the force. I’ve started to consider the basing and positioning of one of the dropships and I’m wondering if it might be worth picking up some Chaos bits and bobs for some additional spikeyness, since the dropship in question might be carrying a swarm of World Eater assault troops.

Would you believe it…. a box of models fell on my Pikemen. Fell on my Pikemen! That’s what I get for working in a cupboard I guess. In any case, they appear to have survived albeit with a few bent pikes and a little bit of scraped paint so it shouldn’t be too much drama to rectify – insert suitable emoticon here! At least it wasn’t the sculpted Arabians who got crushed.

On an entirely different note however, here’s a rather nice piece of music from Petit Noir:

Thanks for looking and more coming soon.


Epic 40k Chaos APCs…. just need painting. And a spot of music from Petit Noir!

Some more finished 10mm Arabian Sculpts

The project continues, and I’m quite enjoying the results! I’ve finished off another couple of spearmen (the one on the left is also clutching a sheathed dagger….. the lighting makes it look as if he has an absurdly long hand, whereas it is in fact a hand infront of a belt) and have also put a picture of a rear view. Note the whopping great skull on the shield to hopefully make it abundantly clear that these chaps are for use in Fantastical battles….. they’d look pretty awesome up against those rather splendid Polar Fox Egyptian undead methinks.

Anyway, here they are:

23 07 16 1

23 07 16 2

There’s at least four more of these on the go and the Desert Troll tribe fellow is gradually getting a bit more putty on him. Also I’ve finished modifying the Four Ramjack AFVs that were glimpsed in the previous post…..more of them next time!

Thanks for looking.

Some more finished 10mm Arabian Sculpts

Epic 40k Nurgle Army – Side project

Hello all! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been going through my boxes of kit and thought it would be nice to throw together the start of a Chaos Nurgle/Corrupted/Grubby force. Here’s a photo of some of the miniatures I’ll be using as a basis (forgive the dark picture, my camera seems to be struggling with daylight):

Epic Nurgle Force

I’ve included a Land Raider and Forgeworld Baneblade for scale purposes. If you’re not familiar with the miniatures, I’m using a combination Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Planetfall (both by Spartan Games), Exodus Wars (I think) and some Onslaught Miniatures and some die-cast Star Wars troop carrying dropships. They all seem to scale alrightish – the Dystopian wars tanks have a lot of detail compared to the Planetfall tanks, but once covered with mutations and corrosion they should look fine – also I quite like the idea of the corrupted forces being made up of a variety of different cultures and traditions before they turned.

It’s worth mentioning that the Dystopian wars box sets are often on sale at pretty impressive discounts and often you will get a good boxload of tanks for the price of a tiny number of official miniatures or even the clones found on ebay. Due to some pretty amazing discounts to a variety of different sites I’ve got several more armoured battlegroups to add as Nurgle forces and one in particular for an Iron Warriors contingent. The Star wars troop ships look pretty fun and I’m going to use them to deliver a unit of World Eaters (Edenite Jump troops in this case) deep into the heart of the enemy…. after it’s been upcycled with some spikey bits.

There are also some more Airships which I’m hoping to modify with a load of tentacles hanging from their undersides, but I’ll need to save up for a Greenstuff World Tentacle making kit unless I fancy going mad!

Here’s a picture of a couple of partially modified Ramjack APCs:

Epic Nurgle APC Details

Still managed to get a bit more sculpting on the Arabians done and I’m quite pleased with how they’re shaping up, and even based up the Pikemen…… these pikemen seem to be taking ages but I keep putting off basing since it really bores me. The Epic project is intended to focus my easily distracted nature onto another comprehensive project with a (kind of) structured approach. I’ve also got a box of Epic Squat sprues who I’m planning to use a an interstellar Mining Union using vehicles from the Firestorm Planetfall range (Directorate, Terran etc) who will be my protagonists against the Chaos forces they accidentally dug up – Dwarves and their digging up trouble eh?

These armies will not really work according to the established army lists since I never really got into any of the rule-sets and don’t particularly like the pages of additional rules and complexity (I’m a simple soul really). I’m planning on using a modified version of Dragon Rampant for some fast paced and fun sci-fi rules.

Thanks for looking.


Epic 40k Nurgle Army – Side project

Fantasy Arabians Progress Continues

So, after a failed attempt to go away on holiday, the Summer is now truly upon us. Fortunately I’ve been able to get some more work done on the sculpting side of things and even got around to gluing my pikemen onto stands (no pictures until their bases are all nicely painted and flocked though!).

The sculpting continues apace and I’m starting to get my head around the idea of doing more than one thing at a time, here are a couple of shots of the slow but steady progress:


18 07 16 1

18 07 16 2

It’s actually turning out to be quite a bit of fun sculpting these, after my initial sense of dread and of being in a bit over my head I’m getting comfortable with making mistakes and doing my best to learn from them.

I’m also getting daring……. I’ve got an idea for some allies/nominal subjects for my Arabians. From the ever shifting dunes the great wandering tribes of the desert Trolls emerge to fight for the great Merchant Princes of the Arabian city states, lured by the generous and pay and more likely the more than generous post battle feasing! Here’s a sneak peek for scale:

18 07 16 3

Yep, I know, not much to go on….. but the idea is in my head and taking shape!

Also converting some 6mm scale tanks to start an Epic Nurgle army…. without using any army lists and using whatever stuff I’ve been hoarding whenever I get tempted to buy 6mm sci-fi stuff. Confession time, I bought a couple of packs of Onslaught Miniatures Hellborn Cultists which are lovely – if a bit pricey, also 6mm really isn’t great for detail so I can’t help but think some of the 3D CAD image printing is a bit less razzle-dazzle than one would hope. Still, nice to get more models!

Thanks for looking.

Fantasy Arabians Progress Continues

Sculpting 10mm Fantasy Arabians Continues

Just thought I’d post a little update to show that I’ve not vanished, nor scrambled completely off piste! Here are the works in progress and completed sculpts as a group shot.

July 16

I’ve been trying to get my head around the whole sculpting and producing process. Sculpting remains very much a hobby but I would like to put together a variety of sculpts to make up a spearmen unit and then have them cast and made available to buy (if there’s any demand that is). The spearmen unit will be very much a first step in what I hope to be a comprehensive and exciting complete army with all sorts of strange and wonderful units.

In terms of the spearmen I hope to complete 6 soldiers and a command group (Banner, Hero and Musician) over the next couple of months, maybe sooner if time and particularly the 3 year old allow!

Thanks for looking.

Sculpting 10mm Fantasy Arabians Continues

Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon

Welcome all. Once again the rank and file painting has ground me down! So I’ve unearthed my 15mm stash with a mind to getting together some figures for a Dungeon Crawl type game suitable for solo play.

I ordered a load of sci-fi 15mm stuff from Khurasan Miniatures quite a while ago and think that the Thuloid Cultists would be great baddies to stuff a dungeon with! First of all a Cultist with weird sci-fi halberd (no doubt a piece if erratically functioning ancient technology gifted by a horror from beyond the veil):

Okay, so it’s a bit of a change from the razzle-dazzle of the Landsknechts but I’m pretty happy with the grubby look he’s got. The mouldy, damp looking robes and rusty weapon are as good as I can get of an evening and I think he gives the impression of someone who really doesn’t get above ground very often.

He’ll be ganging up with zombies, skeletons and all manner of other monsters to populate a dungeon made up of some old Rackham tiles from the Hybrid boxed game – very nice and creepy looking with some nice card doors. Playing the role of adventuring warbands will be a bunch of Ral Partha Dwarves and Humans, some of whom will be converted and maybe even make a few attempts at sculpting.

Now, the problem I’ve always had with gaming is context. Some people can conjure up awesome back-stories and plotlines, but I’m not one of those people. For me it’s always been a matter of ‘two mutually antagonistic parties meet – FIGHT!’, which is fine but can make for a somewhat unrewarding experience (especially as now I haven’t been gaming for many years so I’m keen to look at it as interactive storytelling).

So, Dungeons….. Baddies……Adventurers, simple recipe eh? Now for the honourable mention of “How To Host a Dungeon”, the title of this game didn’t have me gripped I must admit. However, after a little read through the free sample rules I was hooked. It’s a game in which you simulate the development of an underground network from initial Primordial starting points through to Civilisation, Destruction of said Civilisation, Infestation by monsters and finally the arrival of a suitably sinister overlord to use the site as it’s secret lair.

What a fabulous concept! You simply use Pens, Paper and Dice to essentially generate and entire history of thousands of years and best of all – You’ve got a Dungeon ready for crawling at the end of it. There are systems which generate tombs, treasures, magic chambers…. you name it, it’s there (and if not, just replace the name of something you don’t fancy on a chart to something you do).

I know, I’m getting a bit over excited, but I love finding stuff like this. Not only that but drawing plays a big part in my everyday life and I’ve always had an interest in cartography – especially the abstract mapmaking which has become quite popular in contemporary drawing and collage. Basically I’ve got an excuse to mess about with maps and draw stuff, what’s not to love!

Thanks for looking.

Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon