28mm painting warm up – Skeleton

It’s actually been an entire year, more in fact, since I last painted a 28mm figure and I’ve been starting to miss the Scale. Now I’ve got quite a few sets of plastic figures, one of which is Mantic’s Sketeton warriors and they’re very cool sculpts and economical to boot! Perfect for a bit of a refresher painting practice.


I’m quite pleased with the results, as usual it took too long but that was mainly due to extraneous circumstances. Most importantly, I really enjoyed painting once again at a larger scale. I’m planning to use him as part of some nurgle raised from the dead warband, one of the horde of fodder, for the setting I’m making on a mysterious boggy deathworld. I quite like the name Motte for the planet, I also love the title Mott Irregulars (from the Malazan books by Steven Eriksson) and I think that’s what I will call my motley kind of imperial forces on the planet.

So basically I need a bunch of semi imperials (a start has been made) and a Death Guard and friends force (just because I want to play with chopping and putty).

Sounds fun!

Thanks for looking.


28mm painting warm up – Skeleton