10mm Vampire WIP and the start of a fantasy Hero gang

Two posts…. less than six weeks apart….. I’m spoiling you! This time I thought I’d just show the work in progress of my Vampire Count, “One!…. ah…. ah…. ah, Two!…. ah….. ah….. ah” well you get the idea.


Still needs quite a bit of work. Lots to do on the cape (with Lugosi collar), slicked back hair and other details like a bag of jewels all need doing but I think you get a good idea of where he’s going. Dare I pop a couple of fangs in?

I also thought I’d throw together a little Hero team since I’ve been reading the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rulebook and think it looks pretty bloody good! I’ve got quite a few baddies in the form of Goblins and some spooks ready for painting, but no Heroes. So here’s me attempting to solve that problem.


We have a Halfling Rogue (I guess) from Eureka, a Wizard from the GW Flagellant unit, a Veteran from Warmonger Miniatures and a Dwarf with a drinking problem and a slightly drooping sword (the ravages of drink indeed) from the GW Rangers unit. Some nice models which cover a few archetypes that I’m looking forward to painting.

Returning to the Otherworld rules, there are no Campaign style rules included but there are some officially sanctioned ones available for download which seem pretty sensible. However, I’ve been reading through some D&D and Frostgave books and think that there could be a bit of a rules mashup. The hope would be to combine the interesting looking gameplay of Otherworld with the character development of D&D (on a much more simplified level) along with the very fun base building found in Frostgrave. I found my somewhat damp damaged copy of the D&D 3rd editon Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook and think it could be a wonderful sourcebook for the base development aspect…….. giving me the opportunity to actually build a base for my Heroes in X-COM style, but FANTASY! What’s not to love?

In other news, I’ve been bulking out the dollies for two more half Ogres and even got some pore paint on a scenic piece. Yay!

Thanks for looking.

10mm Vampire WIP and the start of a fantasy Hero gang

15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.

Well hey, ‘Alien’ can sound a little Xenophobic particularly in these enlightened times and since there are so many different kinds. Here in the Imperium we prefer to use XCDOXCHBS, and since humans are a minority we try to not piss XCDOXCHBS off. Clearly the Department of Classification and Acronymic Harmony has a great deal of work to do and a substantial volume of resources (since filthy lucre has long since been abandoned) have been allocated for the development of a much more manageable acronym.

Here we have a couple of rum coves, one of whom is a Xeno-Archiologist (obviously not the full title) and the other a rather fun armed (but naked!) pal.


The Archiologist is from the Ion Age range and even though she’s listed as a trader I think she looks pretty good digging through some smelly old ruins. The other chap is a Khurasan Alien of some sort, was it the assorted criminals set? I’m not sure. I really like him and think he’s got something of an early Dr.Who ‘man in a rubber suit’ vibe, which looks pretty cool.

So, it’s not long until the Rogue Stars rulest gets released and I’ve decared it to be a birthday treat! Hopefully it’ll be a nice, simple and fun system that I can have an excuse to paint up some figures for…….. my 15mm hoarding hasn’t diminished. Hopefully it’ll have a random encounter type thing in it for the solitary gamer, if not I’m sure I can adapt the one from Starport Scum.

As always there are other things on the go. I had the urge to sculpt a 10mm scale vampire count, which should be finished soonish and I’ve yet to get more half ogres done. Bit of a knock from a generous dose of man-flu (and yet going into work since it’s more peaceful!) so have been pretty low energy-wise. Getting back on form though, so once I get these essays past the draft stage and back to students in time for the Christmas holidays (to re-write!) I can relax and play a bit.

Thanks for looking.


15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.