15mm Rogue Trader….. no grim…. no darkness…. only splendid fun!

Hello all. A new month dawns and so does another of my little side projects.

This time it’s a re-imagining of the 40k universe through the lens of the classic Rogue Trader, add a little bit of rose tint to those spectacles a to make the Universe much less Grim and much more Fabulous and round it off with a diverse selection of models at mostly 15mm but also quite a few beasties and the like from a range of different scales (I’m quite liking the idea of using lots of the beasts from the Silver Tower game for this).

Here’s my first bunch of models in a rather lamentably poor photo I’m afraid (for some reason my camera is really not happy taking pictures in daylight):

Imperial Security

These guys are how I imagine the Imperial Guard to be in this much more chilled out distant future. The Imperial Security Forces are your bog standard colonial, shipboard and regular soldier type (Backpacks? Who needs bulky rations when a 3 course meal is available in pill form!), and is generally more than happy to grapple and karate-chop any alien bandit, space pirate or demonic entity while safe in the knowledge that he’s got lots of back-up…… in exactly the same overalls and hardhats…… who may also be close to retirement. I’ll be using them as the onboard security detail for my Rogue Trader-esque explorers. There will be lots of aliens as part of the team as well – my idea of the Imperium is much more inclusive than the popular alternative. Think of it as a bit more D.R. & Quinch as opposed to “In the grim Dar….”, well, you know.

dr and quinch

The hapless security crew were purchased from the always splendid Khurasan Miniatures ages ago, they’ve been fun and easy to paint. At the time I got several of the same packs so I’m thinking of adding a Yellow and Blue team to provide replacements whenever needed.

In other news, more sculpting done, almost finished 3 more spearmen – leading to a total of 6! Woop! And 2 pairs of nicely sculpted Troll’s legs….. ahem. Also some Ground Zero Games sci-fi scenery gradually being put together and more 15mm figures.

Pictures coming soon!

Thanks for looking.

15mm Rogue Trader….. no grim…. no darkness…. only splendid fun!