10mm scale Ogres – Getting back to work!

So, Summer is now truly upon us and the intolerable heat has me thinking of my long neglected 10mm scale/Warmaster project. As it turns out I had finished the Spearmen unit so I have to focus fully on getting the Half-Ogres finished in order to make it worthwhile getting them cast up.

Over the last couple of evenings I’ve spent a bit of time on the two armatures which I had started three or four months ago and have loved getting back into it. Here they are at time of writing:


As you can see, some sculpting has been happening. Yeah, I know, you all thought my grand scheme was dead in the water, never going to progress any further…….. well, shame on you naysayers! The project lives on and I’m pretty determined to get a load of work done over the summer with the immediate plan of finishing maybe two or three more ogres to finish the mercenary unit. Next step will be to get the Arabian Spearmen and the Ogres cast up and make some available for sale.

I’ve also been getting some additions to the epic Mechanicus force organised. I’m trying to stay away from 28mm figures since I seem to enjoy what other people do in that scale much more than my own efforts……. Also they take me ages to do when I should really be spending that time sculpting.

More soon!


10mm scale Ogres – Getting back to work!

10mm Halberdiers

Got a bit of focus together and managed to actually finish off my long awaited Halberdiers for my Renaissance/Merchant City themed army. So that, wait for it, two completely finished units……. let battle commence!


Cutting quite a dash in purple and grey/black these chaps are the ever dapper representatives of the Tailors’ Guild. Eager to defend the Guild’s valuable fabrics and secret measuring techniques, these troops take the field whenever the City is under threat and often accompany trade caravans to ensure safe delivery of impeccably cut treasures!

Another unit of pikemen and even some halflings all primed and ready to go.

Thanks for looking.

Experimenting with having a go at this on my phone, so I’m adding a closeup of one stand taken in natural light.


Hmmm, not bad I suppose. I think it looks ok.


10mm Halberdiers

Zoiks! G-G-G-Ghosts! And some WIP

More time passes and I force myself to resist the temptations of other scales, as my piled boxes of untampered treasures whisper to me in my hobby closet. I have however managed to remain faithful and even finished painting some figures!

These Ghosts are Magister Militum figures and were a doddle to paint with only a layer, a wash, some drybrushing and a final bit of highlighting I was able to get them done in record time (also known as tragically slow to other humans).


OoooooooWooooooWoooooooo indeed! Here they are rushing a trio of heroic Goblins who have violated their sanctuary whilst treasure hunting in the proverbial Swampgrave.


For those of you who are keen to see some progress on the sculpting front, here are a couple of WIPs of the next two Half Ogres.


See, they are real, they are happening….. right now in fact. Yea of little faith.

Thanks for looking and more coming soon.

Zoiks! G-G-G-Ghosts! And some WIP

10mm Vampire WIP and the start of a fantasy Hero gang

Two posts…. less than six weeks apart….. I’m spoiling you! This time I thought I’d just show the work in progress of my Vampire Count, “One!…. ah…. ah…. ah, Two!…. ah….. ah….. ah” well you get the idea.


Still needs quite a bit of work. Lots to do on the cape (with Lugosi collar), slicked back hair and other details like a bag of jewels all need doing but I think you get a good idea of where he’s going. Dare I pop a couple of fangs in?

I also thought I’d throw together a little Hero team since I’ve been reading the Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish rulebook and think it looks pretty bloody good! I’ve got quite a few baddies in the form of Goblins and some spooks ready for painting, but no Heroes. So here’s me attempting to solve that problem.


We have a Halfling Rogue (I guess) from Eureka, a Wizard from the GW Flagellant unit, a Veteran from Warmonger Miniatures and a Dwarf with a drinking problem and a slightly drooping sword (the ravages of drink indeed) from the GW Rangers unit. Some nice models which cover a few archetypes that I’m looking forward to painting.

Returning to the Otherworld rules, there are no Campaign style rules included but there are some officially sanctioned ones available for download which seem pretty sensible. However, I’ve been reading through some D&D and Frostgave books and think that there could be a bit of a rules mashup. The hope would be to combine the interesting looking gameplay of Otherworld with the character development of D&D (on a much more simplified level) along with the very fun base building found in Frostgrave. I found my somewhat damp damaged copy of the D&D 3rd editon Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook and think it could be a wonderful sourcebook for the base development aspect…….. giving me the opportunity to actually build a base for my Heroes in X-COM style, but FANTASY! What’s not to love?

In other news, I’ve been bulking out the dollies for two more half Ogres and even got some pore paint on a scenic piece. Yay!

Thanks for looking.

10mm Vampire WIP and the start of a fantasy Hero gang

Another Half-Ogre, with a great big club.

It’s been ages, which is quite annoying really. I’ve been really wanting to get hobby stuff done but the general commotion and work have made spare time a bit of a luxury at the moment.

I have however been spending the odd moment here and there getting some sculpting done, a bit of painting on the scenery and even getting some 15mm sci fi painted. For the time being however, here is the latest Ogre type fellow. Hopefully you get a decent enough view of the front and back (including the string of sausages), he’s armed with a branch like club with a couple of sharp rocks wedged into it, nice and barbaric.

So there we are, another one finished…ish since I’m sure there will be something to adjust. There are a couple more dollies ready for sculpting so hopefully I’ll be getting soem more putty pushed again soon.

I have been enjoying doing some painting which has been easier than sculpting to get done sporadically, so next time I’ll be putting up a couple of sci-fi characters to go with those Orange suited guards from a few months ago. I have an abiding love of sci-fi and 15mm miniatures so it’s been a joy to get a couple of figures ready for the impending release of Rogue Stars by Osprey which’ll be out on the 15th of December…… Just in time for my Birthday!

More to come soon.

Another Half-Ogre, with a great big club.

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Another mini update….. but a bit of a landmark for my modest little project. I’ve painted up the test cast of one of my 10mm Fantasy Arabian Spearmen and here he is in all his garish glory:


I’ve posed him next to a couple of my Polar Fox Goblins, and am pretty chuffed with how he’s turned out! It was reasonably simple to pick out the details (which I thought my sculpting skills weren’t up to getting right but have turned out passably) and although the colour scheme is a bit simplistic I hope it shows that the figure could work with a wide variety of colours.

If anyone is wondering I will definately be putting the Spearmen into production at some point, I just need to get some more sculpting done in order to get the most from the moulds. So, as you see the half-ogres develop the production date will start to appear on the horizon.

Thanks for looking!

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.

Hello all. Just a quick update to show that some progress has been made on the sculpting front.

Two of the ogres are now finished, I went back and added a couple of pieces of armour to my first one since he looked a little vulnerable. Also another burly fellow has been started, this time holding a large weapon of as yet undecided type…. a hammer, a trident…. I don’t know!


The Standard bearer is also now finished and the Musician just needs some decoration on the front of his turban, then that’s all the spearman unit done I think. I’ll put up a picture of the whole selection of sculpts when they’re off the corks.

So there we are. I’m now going to focus on getting the half-ogre chaps finished then I hope to be able to get a master mould and production moulds made up, that’s the plan anyway. I would expect there to be less demand for the half-ogres, but they could be added to an existing army as an exotic unit or to another Ogre army as vassal troops or something.

On the subject of Ogre armies, there is a rather wonderful and very old-school style force currently up on kickstarter. I would urge you to go and take a look and at the very least go for a couple of units since the do look rather marvelous:

Black Gate Miniatures – Ogre Army Kickstarter

The creator – Barry – is also one of the co presenters of the excellent Warmaster Podcast which has been instrumental in my own project and re-igniting the passions when the flames of productivity burn low. Give it a listen, it’s rather good.

More soon.


Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.