Spooky Spooks, tiny rocket tanks and a lumbering Megatank….. oh my!

Once again it’s all positive news from the painting table and smugness abounds. The nice thing about actually trying to keep to targets is that I’m actually getting things finished, although I believe this would be nigh on impossible if the target was for instance a 842 point army (the numbers mean little to me but you get the idea).

First up is a trio of Spirit Hosts who are, I believe, my first ever complete painted fantasy unit.

Spirit Hosts

Then it was back to the always fun 3mm with some Rocket Tanks.

Rocket Tanks

Closely followed by a Supermegatank, all the more super when fielded in the context of 3mm.

Mega 1

Mega 2

And for those of you out there who may be wondering exactly how diddy the 3mm figures are, her is a shot with 6mm, 15mm and 28mm models to compare them with.

Mega 3

As always thanks for looking!

Spooky Spooks, tiny rocket tanks and a lumbering Megatank….. oh my!

Alpha Legion Test Painting

Hello all. If you happen to be an even occasional reader of this site, you will certainly be familiar with my deficit of focus when it comes to organising and even getting a project off the ground. It is normal for me to start with an idea, assemble a model and then move onto another project in a different scale and bearing little relation to what I’ve begun. It’s unfortunately how my head functions, and tremendously irritating.

True to form I’ve started another project.

The inglorious 20th Legion, the Alpha Legion, are one of my favourite Heresy Era concepts. They are devious, dishonest, scheming and duplicitous to a hammy and entertaining extreme – to the extent that no one knows which side they are on (perhaps they don’t even know themselves). I was lucky enough to have my wife and daughter buy me the Dark Imperium boxed game for my Christmas treat and I’m very keen to start messing about with some of those new big marines – who I hope to be using as Alpha Legion.

Since there seems to be no real consensus as to an actual legion colourscheme I thought I’d go with a bit of a mixup and painted this fellow as a test figure:

I’ve tried to give a him a pretty weathered look, I like the idea of Alpha Legion operatives being infiltrated for months/years causing trouble (also I hate painting flat clean colours because I always screw it up and muck hides a multitude of sins), so I really went to town on his armour. I’ve used washes of greens, purples and blues over the azure as tests but I think they look alright together and neatly avoid me having to commit to a solid colourscheme (which I won’t be able to exactly reproduce!). I also gave him solid metallic arms, one with a wash over it, since I like the effect it gives on the cover of the Legion novel.

So, a pretty chilled out (read scruffy) paintjob which will hopefully transfer over to the big Primaris fellows and it would be interesting to hear any thoughts on the colourscheme.

More to come soon…

Promises, promises.

Alpha Legion Test Painting

6mm Night Lord

Hello all. Once again it’s been a dreadfully long time but it’s been a proportionally very long few months, I have however continued to be inspired by all the wonderful aspirational work on the usual forums and some very exciting blogs. Finally getting my brain back into hobby enjoyment mode, I actually managed to get something painted last night.

It is ever so tiny but it’s a 6mm Edenite Jump Trooper from the Exodus Wars range (sadly now defunct I believe), painted up in the livery of those incorrigable back-stabbing bastards – the Night Lords.

Night Lord 6mm 1

As usual I’ve got some kind of a hare-brained grand project simmering away. The idea is to build a modular urban/hive board for playing 6mm scale skirmishes on. As suggested already, the first team will be some Night Lords but I’ve amassed eough of a selection to create some passable Custodes, Genestealer Cult, lots of different coloured Space Marines, Mechanicus, Arbites….. and perhaps even a few more.

Anyway, hopefully another figure up soon ann maybe even some wonky terrain!

Thanks for looking.

6mm Night Lord

Epic Mechanicus – some Skitarii

Finally managed to get a bit of painting done, the first batch of my Epic Heresy Era Mechanicus Skitarii.


I know there are only six units, but that was because I didn’t really take any kind of unit building structure into account and thought that this sounded like a sensible number. How wrong was I?

This wrong.



It turns out that six units simply isn’t enough, there need to be ten units of regular infantry and on top of that there need to be two units of fighty Tech-priests, then add a Magos to make it better. Then they need some snazzy treads to ride around inside, so I’m using those steampunk tanks. It turns out I’m still a couple of infantry stands short so I think I might use some Servitors (from the Defeat in Detail Cybershadows Specialists pack) to make the unit look a bit more interesting. Don’t get me started on the support options! That’ll be more tanks, I’ve got some beefy multi barrel big gun tanks which I want to use as Minotaurs. Oh, and robots. Lots and lots of robots. I’m very excited about the robots.

It’s strange, I’ve always loved Epic ever since I got the Space Marine boxed game but I’ve never actually played a game or even read the rules. I do however want to play some solo games set in the Heresy era which will give a reason to paint up some assorted astartes units; particularly Night Lords, World Eaters and Alpha Legion (I’m planning to use the ‘sudden overwhelming force’ element of Alpha Legion tactics as an excuse to paint loads of huge assault tanks, stealth tanks, troop carriers and a rather swish looking mobile command centre – complete with spy/attack drones).

More on the way soon!


Epic Mechanicus – some Skitarii

A bit more work on the Epic Primarch

Yay! Managed to finally get a bit of detail on my diddy Vulkan. So, as you can see he now has a shouting little head, a more substantial left arm and hand, some fire blazing from the top of his armour (I know it looks big, but it’s a little model and I think it looks quite fun).

I’ve also added his cloak but I still need to get some lizard skin texture on it, so no pics for now.

His proportions ain’t quite right, but I’m just charging on regardless since this has turned out to be quite fun. I think the next primarch will be a bit more proper, with an armature and so on.

I’ve also started painting the fledgling mechanicum force, so hopefully some of that up soon.

Thanks for looking.

A bit more work on the Epic Primarch

Epic Scale Primarch W.I.P

Hello all. Well, it’s been a bit of a busy time at the moment but I have at least managed to prime my epic Skitarii unit so I hope to be getting some paint onto them soon.

Also, I sat down this evening at a bit of a loose end. Not really wanting to start any painting and certainly not wanting to wash any resin, so I ended up chopping up a 10mm Orc. As I was doing so it occurred to me that an Epic scale Primarch might be quite fun and a big lad like this should work out pretty well. I found a figure with a hammer and thought I might have a go at cobbling together a mini Vulkan. Here he is after a bit of fiddling around, he still needs quite a bit more work but I hope you get the idea.

Primarch wip

I need to let the putty cure before adding any more but I hope to get a head and cape done along with some details and corrections. I popped a Novan Elite and Onslaught Cultist next to him for scale.

And yes, the lizard skull is huge but it’ll do for now. This is a bit of a mock up and I think I’ll have a go at sculpting a primarch or two from scratch, maybe Magnus, without his weird pec-horns.

Thanks for looking.

Epic Scale Primarch W.I.P

Small….. But perfectly formed – 6mm size comparisons

Hello all. No painting or modelling today I’m afraid, but instead something that may be useful to some.

I’ve been putting off buying some of the Defeat in Detail Novan Elites for quite some time now, not sure as to whether they would look very good or be wildly out of proportion with any other figures suitable for this diminutive scale. Over the last couple of years I’ve been impulse buying 6mm figures from Microworld Games and Onslaught Miniatures (and random purchases of Spartan Games’ Dystopian Wars and Planetfall, but more on that Later) in the hope of creating some kind of 30k 6mm armies, unfortunately I never really focused enough on the project and it’s languished in neglect for too long.

One of the main issues I had was finding any images illustrating the sizes of the figures in comparison with one another, so I’ve taken some pictures of some of my little chaps:

Big Group

from the left we have: Epic Armageddon Predator (turretless), OM (Onslaught Minis) Corrupted Athena, OM Athena Defender, DiD (Defeat in Detail) Novan Elite, OM Hellborn Cultist, MG (Microworld Games) Cyclopean Demon, OM Minerva, OM Nemesis Bike.

Small Group

Again from the left: SG (Spartan Games) Faust Battle Robot, OM Athena Defender, DiD Novan Elite, EW (Exodus Wars) Edenite Jump Infantry and finally the Hellborn Cultist again.

I think I have enough of a selection for pretty much most of the armies I would want to make, these being: A variety of Astartes Legions, Custodes and Mechanicus.

I’ve made a tentative start on the Mechanicus and this is where some of the varied Spartan Games purchased are going to come into their own. The Dystopian Wars range looks pretty good for the steampunkish look of the Mechanicum (and would probably look fine with a legion like the Iron Warriors). Here is a little sneek peek of some of Mechanicus hardware:

Mechanicum Hardware

I think they’ll work nicely. Also, a group of Skitarii have scrounged a gunship from somewhere:

Skitarii Dropship

It’ll need some bits and bobs tacked on, probably from the extremely useful 40k Skitarii sprues, coils and whatnot. Once that’s done I think it’ll make a pretty serviceable piece of kit.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what army lists I’m using the short answer is I’m just trying to throw together fun units that I think should exist…… I don’t really know any of the rules.

Thanks for looking!

Small….. But perfectly formed – 6mm size comparisons