Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon

Welcome all. Once again the rank and file painting has ground me down! So I’ve unearthed my 15mm stash with a mind to getting together some figures for a Dungeon Crawl type game suitable for solo play.

I ordered a load of sci-fi 15mm stuff from Khurasan Miniatures quite a while ago and think that the Thuloid Cultists would be great baddies to stuff a dungeon with! First of all a Cultist with weird sci-fi halberd (no doubt a piece if erratically functioning ancient technology gifted by a horror from beyond the veil):

Okay, so it’s a bit of a change from the razzle-dazzle of the Landsknechts but I’m pretty happy with the grubby look he’s got. The mouldy, damp looking robes and rusty weapon are as good as I can get of an evening and I think he gives the impression of someone who really doesn’t get above ground very often.

He’ll be ganging up with zombies, skeletons and all manner of other monsters to populate a dungeon made up of some old Rackham tiles from the Hybrid boxed game – very nice and creepy looking with some nice card doors. Playing the role of adventuring warbands will be a bunch of Ral Partha Dwarves and Humans, some of whom will be converted and maybe even make a few attempts at sculpting.

Now, the problem I’ve always had with gaming is context. Some people can conjure up awesome back-stories and plotlines, but I’m not one of those people. For me it’s always been a matter of ‘two mutually antagonistic parties meet – FIGHT!’, which is fine but can make for a somewhat unrewarding experience (especially as now I haven’t been gaming for many years so I’m keen to look at it as interactive storytelling).

So, Dungeons….. Baddies……Adventurers, simple recipe eh? Now for the honourable mention of “How To Host a Dungeon”, the title of this game didn’t have me gripped I must admit. However, after a little read through the free sample rules I was hooked. It’s a game in which you simulate the development of an underground network from initial Primordial starting points through to Civilisation, Destruction of said Civilisation, Infestation by monsters and finally the arrival of a suitably sinister overlord to use the site as it’s secret lair.

What a fabulous concept! You simply use Pens, Paper and Dice to essentially generate and entire history of thousands of years and best of all – You’ve got a Dungeon ready for crawling at the end of it. There are systems which generate tombs, treasures, magic chambers…. you name it, it’s there (and if not, just replace the name of something you don’t fancy on a chart to something you do).

I know, I’m getting a bit over excited, but I love finding stuff like this. Not only that but drawing plays a big part in my everyday life and I’ve always had an interest in cartography – especially the abstract mapmaking which has become quite popular in contemporary drawing and collage. Basically I’ve got an excuse to mess about with maps and draw stuff, what’s not to love!

Thanks for looking.

Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon