Death Guard Test Painting WIP

Finally managed to spend a bit of time on the Death Guard test figure which I began quite a while ago now. As I think I mentioned before, I really wanted to try to free up my painting technique a bit and be a bit more gestural with my approach. This kind of worked and I think it suits the Death Guard – particularly the 26th Company (clerical error – but this, and their somewhat unorthodox history, will be elaborated on later).

DG Front

I’ve had a go at some weathering, grime and whatnot and found the scratches a bit of a struggle. I used a bit of sponge (probably far too tiny) for the scratching which was a little tricky to control but came out okay-ish I think. I’m quite happy with the result of the armour colour, almost the colour of nicotine stained teeth, since I really wanted to move away from white. The emblem was a pain, so I’m really going to have to practice that.

Any weathering tips are more than welcome, I’ve checked out loads of tutorials but word of mouth knowledge is always better in my opinion.

Anyhow, he still needs a bit of soot staining and mud as well as the base, so there are still some bits to do. I primed my converted figure so I’ll start on that too I think, when he’s done I’ll put up some history for the 26th.

Thanks for looking.

Death Guard Test Painting WIP