First post and some work in progress, 6mm British Line Infantry to be precise.

Hello to anyone who may stumble across this page! And in reply to the obvious question of ‘Why on earth would someone want to add yet another miniature painting blog to an already crowded field?’ my reply must simply be….. why not? After all, a hobby such as ours is all about sharing knowledge and resources, and the internet is a crowded and bustling forum for artists and crackpots alike (a combination of which I’m certain we all aspire to be) making it the perfect place for this kind of thing.

I intend to use this blog as a place to showcase my joy for miniature painting, other kinds of drawing and painting, book lists, assorted flim flam, ephemera and so much more.

First of all though, here are a couple of pictures showing some 6mm British Napoleonic Infantry very near to completion.



These will hopefully soon be given a coat of Anti-Shine and then based onto a 60mm x 30mm stand, making 4 nice little units. I’m hoping to start experimenting with some 60 x 60mm bases soon, but I’m planning to get these onto ebay for someone out there to enjoy.

I’ll be regularly, annoyingly I’m sure, be mentioning whether or not I’m reading a cracking book, listening to some racy music or have found something I’m particularly excited by. Currently I’m enjoying ‘The Bloody White Baron’ by James Palmer, which is proving to be a fascinating and alarming treat. An extremely well written and engaging account of the life of Baron Ungern-Sternberg, an extraordinary and monstrous individual who carved an empire for himself in Mongolia during the chaos following the Bolshevik Revolution. A rather obnoxious mix of Nationalism, Religion, Occultism and violence that Palmer has turned into a much needed insight into a very strange and obscure period in the history of Asia.

Bloody white Baron

First post and some work in progress, 6mm British Line Infantry to be precise.