Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

So far I’ve managed to stick to my resolution and in spite of near constant temptation I’ve resisted it at every turn. As a result I’ve been able to get a few more bits done, first up are another three Shia Khan models from the Ion Age range. Once again I’ve been quite impressed with how they look once painted since, to my eye at any rate, the can look a bit soft in their raw state.

Shia Khan1

So these chaps can join my 15mm alternative 40k collection, Grim-Fabulous as I like to refer to it. I’m quite liking the more desert/post apocalypse coloured bases so I’m in the process of repainting the rest of the collection, it seems to make the figures stand out a bit more.

Also finished are four more stands of tiny tanks.

Alpha Tanks

Aren’t they absurdly adorable? I’m continuing to really enjoy painting these miniatures and am getting a real buzz out of being able to get elements finished in reasonable time even at my glacial pace! I switched to using slightly thinned Baharroth Blue (?!?!?) edge paint from Citadel to do the edge highlights on the anti-tank tanks, does the trick nicely and is so much simpler than mixing a highlight.

I think that when I do give in to buying some more models (after careful budgeting of course) it’ll definitely be more of the Vanguard Dominion stuff, I think these little chaps will look wonderful in the pinks and golds of the Emperor’s Children.

Thanks for looking and hopefully more soon.

Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

A slow week unfortunately, but more productive than most at least! I thought I’d slap a bit of paint onto the simplest piece of scenery I cobbled together:

Just some crates

Quite happy with how it turned out, the crates and pallet are all from Ground Zero Games (casually added to my order during a promotion a year or two ago, wonderful chap) and are great little items for scatter terrain. I tried to do some brighter colours and there is some chipping which sadly hasn’t shown up too well in the photo.

The other thing I managed to get done is a Leader type character for a Post-Apocalyptic/Sci-fi courier company unofficially registered as ‘Cutthroat Couriers’.

I’m using a selection of the Ion Age Shia Khan Legionaries as the basis of the gang, with some mutants and aliens for variety and flavour.

I quite like the idea of a semi professional band of mercenaries who have evolved into a courier company with military grade weapons and equipment who’ll transport anything from letters and parcels to rare tech, drugs and occult (even xenotech) items. Their motto is “No less trustworthy than our competitors”, they are however much better equipped with an assortment of vehicles, xenobeasts and mutants making up their heavily defended caravans.

The Route Manager is the commander of one of these caravans, a formidable ego who is empowered by the almost mythical Postmaster General to either honour contracts or betray, murder and even rob (in some cases all three) those who employ their services. This utter lack of any moral fibre permeates the organisation and it is only due to the crushing bureaucracy which is required for every action (even the murder of a superior) that the company exists at all, let alone appears to be growing in influence.

So, if you need something precious delivered in good time and with excellent service ……. well ……. your options are limited.

Thanks for looking.

Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

Hearts of Iron – 15mm Iron Warriors

Nothing painted this time, so instead I’ve been doing some prepping. I’ve been wanting to do a bit more 15mm stuff for some time now, I just keep getting seduced by 28mm aspirational toys….. I’ve even been browsing the Forgeworld website! I suddenly realised that I wasn’t willing to get into the organ harvesting business in order to fund my hobby – which was something of a reality check >sigh<.

However, since I’ve been enjoying a great deal of 30k fluff and stuff, I thought I’d have a go at 15mm Heresy. Painting the metalwork on the Thousand Son last week had me hankering for some Iron Warriors (that and a trip to the beach on the weekend which reinforced the joy of watching a child systematically devastating my Emperor’s Palace of sandcastles with alarming ruthlessness), coupled with my commitment issues and sudden fiscal horrorshow (only added to by the impending Salute) I had a rootle through my 15mm hoard.

And found these chaps.


For the Marines I’m using Ion Age Prydian Retained troops. They’re pretty lovely models actually who have an element of Rogue Trader era nostalgia about them. I also quite like the generally more human proportions of the figures which again harks back to RT and the impression that the designers and artists hadn’t quite fully decided what they wanted Marines to look like.

Also, they only cost £12.50 for 26…….. and if you buy 3 sets you get a 10% discount! I’m definitely going to be getting more of these since there are quite a few legions I would like paint such as the Death Guard, White Scars, Alpha Legion, those total freaks in the Night Lords to name just a few. There are also female Retained troops who I’ll also be adding into the mix, I’ve got some somewhere.

To go with the squad I’ve added a Dreadnought, who isn’t finished yet but I’m pretty chuffed with him. He’s a Warmachine light Warjack (bought about eight years ago with a plan to use it as a titan) who was missing some bits but I used a Skitarii head, Genestealer Cult mining laser (I think), and a clawed powerfist. I need to add more things to him but he’s basically all there.

I’ve also made a boxy shape for my APC, as a basic mockup to see if it looks ok and that it’ll be simple for me to build myself some more. I’m pleased with the basic structure so now I’m going to start detailing it – although my plastic-card cutting skills basically just infuriate me! Anyhow, it’s a super cheap little build using cork tile and plastic card.

Thanks for looking, more hopefully soon.

Hearts of Iron – 15mm Iron Warriors

15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.

Well hey, ‘Alien’ can sound a little Xenophobic particularly in these enlightened times and since there are so many different kinds. Here in the Imperium we prefer to use XCDOXCHBS, and since humans are a minority we try to not piss XCDOXCHBS off. Clearly the Department of Classification and Acronymic Harmony has a great deal of work to do and a substantial volume of resources (since filthy lucre has long since been abandoned) have been allocated for the development of a much more manageable acronym.

Here we have a couple of rum coves, one of whom is a Xeno-Archiologist (obviously not the full title) and the other a rather fun armed (but naked!) pal.


The Archiologist is from the Ion Age range and even though she’s listed as a trader I think she looks pretty good digging through some smelly old ruins. The other chap is a Khurasan Alien of some sort, was it the assorted criminals set? I’m not sure. I really like him and think he’s got something of an early Dr.Who ‘man in a rubber suit’ vibe, which looks pretty cool.

So, it’s not long until the Rogue Stars rulest gets released and I’ve decared it to be a birthday treat! Hopefully it’ll be a nice, simple and fun system that I can have an excuse to paint up some figures for…….. my 15mm hoarding hasn’t diminished. Hopefully it’ll have a random encounter type thing in it for the solitary gamer, if not I’m sure I can adapt the one from Starport Scum.

As always there are other things on the go. I had the urge to sculpt a 10mm scale vampire count, which should be finished soonish and I’ve yet to get more half ogres done. Bit of a knock from a generous dose of man-flu (and yet going into work since it’s more peaceful!) so have been pretty low energy-wise. Getting back on form though, so once I get these essays past the draft stage and back to students in time for the Christmas holidays (to re-write!) I can relax and play a bit.

Thanks for looking.


15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.

15mm Sci-Fi… the latest addiction!

So, after a little break and some time doing the dangerous thing of wandering around the interwebs looking at new miniatures I stumbled across the splendid world of 15mm miniatures.

Many years ago I painted up a few 15mm WWII units for a friend, but never really engaged with WWII miniatures generally and didn’t get around to exploring the scale any further. Fast forward a few years and I am suddenly beset with a myriad of different vendors whose ranges cater for every possible science-fictional taste and are no doubt eager for my hard earned cash! Since (as has probably been made abundantly clear) I am a slave to by baser impulses, I went shopping.

My first port of call was Alternative Armies (who I had first become aware of in the days of Slaughterloo) and their oh so very fun Ion Age range. I promptly purchased their Year One and Year Two Collections which contain a grand total of 24 of the monthly bonus figures that normally come with any order. These turned out to be a real surprise and, although a little chunky, are really great miniatures packed full of character.

So far I’ve painted one of the models, listed as a Female Legion Officer, and it was quick and fun. I’m going to be using her as the dastardly mastermind of an Intergalactic crime syndicate…. or something (faux superhero cape being a physical manifestaion of her delusions of grandeur).

Female Legion Officer 2

Female Legion Officer 1

There’s quite a few left to do, I’ve organised a few mercenary/loveable rogue types who’ll head up a series of good vs. evil antics, robots and aliens. There are however a few I’ll probably leave for some more seasonal adventures i.e. robot santa and Halloween witchy-poo lady.

I’ve also been spending some time customising some solo rules so I can actually get some gaming (for one) in. I’ll be posting some narrative games and more painted models soon

Thanks for looking.

15mm Sci-Fi… the latest addiction!