Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

So far I’ve managed to stick to my resolution and in spite of near constant temptation I’ve resisted it at every turn. As a result I’ve been able to get a few more bits done, first up are another three Shia Khan models from the Ion Age range. Once again I’ve been quite impressed with how they look once painted since, to my eye at any rate, the can look a bit soft in their raw state.

Shia Khan1

So these chaps can join my 15mm alternative 40k collection, Grim-Fabulous as I like to refer to it. I’m quite liking the more desert/post apocalypse coloured bases so I’m in the process of repainting the rest of the collection, it seems to make the figures stand out a bit more.

Also finished are four more stands of tiny tanks.

Alpha Tanks

Aren’t they absurdly adorable? I’m continuing to really enjoy painting these miniatures and am getting a real buzz out of being able to get elements finished in reasonable time even at my glacial pace! I switched to using slightly thinned Baharroth Blue (?!?!?) edge paint from Citadel to do the edge highlights on the anti-tank tanks, does the trick nicely and is so much simpler than mixing a highlight.

I think that when I do give in to buying some more models (after careful budgeting of course) it’ll definitely be more of the Vanguard Dominion stuff, I think these little chaps will look wonderful in the pinks and golds of the Emperor’s Children.

Thanks for looking and hopefully more soon.

Shia Khan and more tiny tanks

6mm Night Lord

Hello all. Once again it’s been a dreadfully long time but it’s been a proportionally very long few months, I have however continued to be inspired by all the wonderful aspirational work on the usual forums and some very exciting blogs. Finally getting my brain back into hobby enjoyment mode, I actually managed to get something painted last night.

It is ever so tiny but it’s a 6mm Edenite Jump Trooper from the Exodus Wars range (sadly now defunct I believe), painted up in the livery of those incorrigable back-stabbing bastards – the Night Lords.

Night Lord 6mm 1

As usual I’ve got some kind of a hare-brained grand project simmering away. The idea is to build a modular urban/hive board for playing 6mm scale skirmishes on. As suggested already, the first team will be some Night Lords but I’ve amassed eough of a selection to create some passable Custodes, Genestealer Cult, lots of different coloured Space Marines, Mechanicus, Arbites….. and perhaps even a few more.

Anyway, hopefully another figure up soon ann maybe even some wonky terrain!

Thanks for looking.

6mm Night Lord

Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

A slow week unfortunately, but more productive than most at least! I thought I’d slap a bit of paint onto the simplest piece of scenery I cobbled together:

Just some crates

Quite happy with how it turned out, the crates and pallet are all from Ground Zero Games (casually added to my order during a promotion a year or two ago, wonderful chap) and are great little items for scatter terrain. I tried to do some brighter colours and there is some chipping which sadly hasn’t shown up too well in the photo.

The other thing I managed to get done is a Leader type character for a Post-Apocalyptic/Sci-fi courier company unofficially registered as ‘Cutthroat Couriers’.

I’m using a selection of the Ion Age Shia Khan Legionaries as the basis of the gang, with some mutants and aliens for variety and flavour.

I quite like the idea of a semi professional band of mercenaries who have evolved into a courier company with military grade weapons and equipment who’ll transport anything from letters and parcels to rare tech, drugs and occult (even xenotech) items. Their motto is “No less trustworthy than our competitors”, they are however much better equipped with an assortment of vehicles, xenobeasts and mutants making up their heavily defended caravans.

The Route Manager is the commander of one of these caravans, a formidable ego who is empowered by the almost mythical Postmaster General to either honour contracts or betray, murder and even rob (in some cases all three) those who employ their services. This utter lack of any moral fibre permeates the organisation and it is only due to the crushing bureaucracy which is required for every action (even the murder of a superior) that the company exists at all, let alone appears to be growing in influence.

So, if you need something precious delivered in good time and with excellent service ……. well ……. your options are limited.

Thanks for looking.

Painted scenery and a Route Manager for a Post-Apoc/Sci-fi gang

15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.

Well hey, ‘Alien’ can sound a little Xenophobic particularly in these enlightened times and since there are so many different kinds. Here in the Imperium we prefer to use XCDOXCHBS, and since humans are a minority we try to not piss XCDOXCHBS off. Clearly the Department of Classification and Acronymic Harmony has a great deal of work to do and a substantial volume of resources (since filthy lucre has long since been abandoned) have been allocated for the development of a much more manageable acronym.

Here we have a couple of rum coves, one of whom is a Xeno-Archiologist (obviously not the full title) and the other a rather fun armed (but naked!) pal.


The Archiologist is from the Ion Age range and even though she’s listed as a trader I think she looks pretty good digging through some smelly old ruins. The other chap is a Khurasan Alien of some sort, was it the assorted criminals set? I’m not sure. I really like him and think he’s got something of an early Dr.Who ‘man in a rubber suit’ vibe, which looks pretty cool.

So, it’s not long until the Rogue Stars rulest gets released and I’ve decared it to be a birthday treat! Hopefully it’ll be a nice, simple and fun system that I can have an excuse to paint up some figures for…….. my 15mm hoarding hasn’t diminished. Hopefully it’ll have a random encounter type thing in it for the solitary gamer, if not I’m sure I can adapt the one from Starport Scum.

As always there are other things on the go. I had the urge to sculpt a 10mm scale vampire count, which should be finished soonish and I’ve yet to get more half ogres done. Bit of a knock from a generous dose of man-flu (and yet going into work since it’s more peaceful!) so have been pretty low energy-wise. Getting back on form though, so once I get these essays past the draft stage and back to students in time for the Christmas holidays (to re-write!) I can relax and play a bit.

Thanks for looking.


15mm Sci-Fi, Xeno-Archiologist and a ‘Xenomorph Clearly Distinct from Other Xenomorphs with it’s own Cultural Heritage and Belief System’ or XCDOXCHBS for short.

15mm Rogue Trader….. no grim…. no darkness…. only splendid fun!

Hello all. A new month dawns and so does another of my little side projects.

This time it’s a re-imagining of the 40k universe through the lens of the classic Rogue Trader, add a little bit of rose tint to those spectacles a to make the Universe much less Grim and much more Fabulous and round it off with a diverse selection of models at mostly 15mm but also quite a few beasties and the like from a range of different scales (I’m quite liking the idea of using lots of the beasts from the Silver Tower game for this).

Here’s my first bunch of models in a rather lamentably poor photo I’m afraid (for some reason my camera is really not happy taking pictures in daylight):

Imperial Security

These guys are how I imagine the Imperial Guard to be in this much more chilled out distant future. The Imperial Security Forces are your bog standard colonial, shipboard and regular soldier type (Backpacks? Who needs bulky rations when a 3 course meal is available in pill form!), and is generally more than happy to grapple and karate-chop any alien bandit, space pirate or demonic entity while safe in the knowledge that he’s got lots of back-up…… in exactly the same overalls and hardhats…… who may also be close to retirement. I’ll be using them as the onboard security detail for my Rogue Trader-esque explorers. There will be lots of aliens as part of the team as well – my idea of the Imperium is much more inclusive than the popular alternative. Think of it as a bit more D.R. & Quinch as opposed to “In the grim Dar….”, well, you know.

dr and quinch

The hapless security crew were purchased from the always splendid Khurasan Miniatures ages ago, they’ve been fun and easy to paint. At the time I got several of the same packs so I’m thinking of adding a Yellow and Blue team to provide replacements whenever needed.

In other news, more sculpting done, almost finished 3 more spearmen – leading to a total of 6! Woop! And 2 pairs of nicely sculpted Troll’s legs….. ahem. Also some Ground Zero Games sci-fi scenery gradually being put together and more 15mm figures.

Pictures coming soon!

Thanks for looking.

15mm Rogue Trader….. no grim…. no darkness…. only splendid fun!

Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon

Welcome all. Once again the rank and file painting has ground me down! So I’ve unearthed my 15mm stash with a mind to getting together some figures for a Dungeon Crawl type game suitable for solo play.

I ordered a load of sci-fi 15mm stuff from Khurasan Miniatures quite a while ago and think that the Thuloid Cultists would be great baddies to stuff a dungeon with! First of all a Cultist with weird sci-fi halberd (no doubt a piece if erratically functioning ancient technology gifted by a horror from beyond the veil):

Okay, so it’s a bit of a change from the razzle-dazzle of the Landsknechts but I’m pretty happy with the grubby look he’s got. The mouldy, damp looking robes and rusty weapon are as good as I can get of an evening and I think he gives the impression of someone who really doesn’t get above ground very often.

He’ll be ganging up with zombies, skeletons and all manner of other monsters to populate a dungeon made up of some old Rackham tiles from the Hybrid boxed game – very nice and creepy looking with some nice card doors. Playing the role of adventuring warbands will be a bunch of Ral Partha Dwarves and Humans, some of whom will be converted and maybe even make a few attempts at sculpting.

Now, the problem I’ve always had with gaming is context. Some people can conjure up awesome back-stories and plotlines, but I’m not one of those people. For me it’s always been a matter of ‘two mutually antagonistic parties meet – FIGHT!’, which is fine but can make for a somewhat unrewarding experience (especially as now I haven’t been gaming for many years so I’m keen to look at it as interactive storytelling).

So, Dungeons….. Baddies……Adventurers, simple recipe eh? Now for the honourable mention of “How To Host a Dungeon”, the title of this game didn’t have me gripped I must admit. However, after a little read through the free sample rules I was hooked. It’s a game in which you simulate the development of an underground network from initial Primordial starting points through to Civilisation, Destruction of said Civilisation, Infestation by monsters and finally the arrival of a suitably sinister overlord to use the site as it’s secret lair.

What a fabulous concept! You simply use Pens, Paper and Dice to essentially generate and entire history of thousands of years and best of all – You’ve got a Dungeon ready for crawling at the end of it. There are systems which generate tombs, treasures, magic chambers…. you name it, it’s there (and if not, just replace the name of something you don’t fancy on a chart to something you do).

I know, I’m getting a bit over excited, but I love finding stuff like this. Not only that but drawing plays a big part in my everyday life and I’ve always had an interest in cartography – especially the abstract mapmaking which has become quite popular in contemporary drawing and collage. Basically I’ve got an excuse to mess about with maps and draw stuff, what’s not to love!

Thanks for looking.

Something a little different… 15mm Thuloid Cultist and How to Host a Dungeon

Gang member No.3 and a little bit of scenery

So, after the inevitable interruptions of the real world, I’ve managed to get a bit more painting done and not only that but a bit of scenery too! The newly painted gang member is the grim looking fellow in the middle with the gasmask and furs, a slightly duller paintscheme than the previous two but I thought it quite suited the figure and the flash of blue hair livens it up a bit.

Gang 3

Gang 4

As the gang grows, ever so slowly I’m afraid, I thought I’d add some scenery.

First though I must give the credit for the idea to the creator of the fantastic Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog, who posted his recipe for these brilliant tiles a few years ago and I’ve only just been brave enough to have a go at myself!

At the moment they are still a work in progress, only 3 have been made so far and I’ve just got the base silver and wash on. There is a fair bit to do, more weathering and lighting etc, and the bubbles trapped by my very basic plaster casts made from the Hirst Arts molds will be transformed into battle damage and acid burns. Currently I’m intending to produce 10 of these utility type spaces, then expand with research, entertainment, command and security facilities as well as a vault for all that lovely space treasure to be hidden in – kind of like in the classic Evil Genius computer game (I’ve got a few bags of boiler suited minions from Khurasan miniatures who’ll fit the expendable security role nicely).

Anyhow, these scenic additions are giving my Space Pirates a vessel to rampage through although currently they’ve got pretty easy pickings and I’m planning to put some other occupants on board soon.

Gang member No.3 and a little bit of scenery