Playing with some new paints, a 15mm sample

Since I’ve been stuck at home all half term while my small human has been on antibiotics I turned to the internet and shopped. Damn this modern age and it’s accursed¬†convenience.

Among other things I purchased a selection of Scale 75 paints, basically because I’m a sucker for anything slick which promises awesomeness. Not only that but I’ve found myself getting a bit disappointed with my results recently, and being quite a lazy painter I thought some different paints would rekindle the love of painting a bit. Also I have decided to drastically reduce my palette, how many different browns and greens and blues do I actually need? Turning instead to a much more limited array of quite bright colours since I was losing myself and miniatures in a sea of bottles and pots! (there must’ve easily been more than a hundred from various manufacturers – things like a Deck Tan which I only used once and didn’t in fact like very much, as well as things like German Camo Green, Field Grey, Russian Uniform and on and on).

So, without further ado, here are a couple of minis. The figure on the left is painted with Scale 75 and the one on the right with Vallejo and GW.

So why, I hear you ask, go to the troble and expense of getting new paints? Well sometimes I have to literally purge and then start again from scratch. I was increasingly becoming a bit frustrated that no matter how much I tried to brighten a colour, it always looked a bit chalky or if I didn’t choose to highlight then the figures would look as dull as dishwater once away from the daylight bulb! As a result I thought -to hell with it – and bought some of Scale 75’s Fantasy range, which I had heard were formulated to be brighter than their more sensible offerings.

In a word I’d declare myself to be¬†happy with the results. The colours I chose were surprisingly free flowing (even when thoroughly mixed with a stick) and I was surprised how well they covered – and they really do dry to a very matt finish. Adding white seemed to brighten the colour as opposed to bleach it, something which has probably been a personal painting problem – but these paints seem to make my life a bit easier.

While I totally understand people wanting realism and grittiness in their painting, I personally prefer a bit of Jazziness. Also, miniatures are quite small (particularly the 10mm ones) and my heart always sinks a bit when I get them out to play with and find them so much less striking once taken away from those many hours under the painting lamp.

Thanks for looking


Playing with some new paints, a 15mm sample

10mm Halberdiers

Got a bit of focus together and managed to actually finish off my long awaited Halberdiers for my Renaissance/Merchant City themed army. So that, wait for it, two completely finished units……. let battle commence!


Cutting quite a dash in purple and grey/black these chaps are the ever dapper representatives of the Tailors’ Guild. Eager to defend the Guild’s valuable fabrics and secret measuring techniques, these troops take the field whenever the City is under threat and often accompany trade caravans to ensure safe delivery of impeccably cut treasures!

Another unit of pikemen and even some halflings all primed and ready to go.

Thanks for looking.

Experimenting with having a go at this on my phone, so I’m adding a closeup of one stand taken in natural light.


Hmmm, not bad I suppose. I think it looks ok.


10mm Halberdiers

Science Fantasy – Accidental Space Cowboy/Frank-N-Furter mashup.

Oh man, into February already and not much to show for 2017 so far! There has been a fair bit on the go at the painting and modelling cupboard including some actual sculpting on the Ogres and my Halberdiers are now painted so only have the basing (which I bloody hate doing) to finish.

I did however make a little trip to a model shop last week. I attended a thrilling ‘Examination board standardisation meeting’ (and yes, that’s as exciting as it sounds) after which I popped into Tiranti’s sculpting supplies and treated myself to some of their lovely dental sculpting tools. The fun didn’t end there though, oh no. I then decided to stroll from Waterloo to Vauxhall, and along my route was the fortuitously positioned Dark Sphere. Needless to say, I succumbed to temptation and soon found myself handing over cold hard cash for the spanking new boxed game Gangs of Commorragh and, after being waylaid for pints and a cocktail, on my way home. No hobby-ing was embarked upon that night.

So, a day later the wrapping was torn asunder and the bureaucracy (rules, counters, sundry) flung aside to reveal the toys! There’s been plenty of reviews and the like by far more thorough and august bodies than myself so I shall simply say that it all looks like pretty good value and this is the first thing I’ve flung together:

He’s only tacked together at the moment, but I’m pretty happy with him. Looks like a mad, drunk prospector type – although he currently appears to have misplaced his britches and made off with someone’s cast off late night leatherwear! I’ll be sculpting a bit of material onto those legs to make them a bit more in keeping with the rest of the figure.

There we are then, I’ll be hoping to get some paint on these 28mm folks soon as well as onto some more 10mm pikemen and halflings. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Science Fantasy – Accidental Space Cowboy/Frank-N-Furter mashup.