Shiny Plate, Heavy Dragoons and Polar Fox Goblins

So I managed to get a few hours in, and my, what a few hours they’ve been!

I’m happy to say I buffed up the plate on my Pikemen, they now look quite a bit snazzier and can start to really work that Landsknechte swagger. Just need to work on fancy silks and they’ll be nearing completion.


 Land Dakka

Primed the first unit of my alarmingly vast Steppe Goblin army. Although some might consider them a bit chunky for Goblins I think they look great. Having them a tiny bit bigger means that the sculptor has been able to get so much detail into each figure ensuring plenty of variety giving the whole unit a really motley appearance. What’s also pretty neat is the fact you’ve got room to chop the bases up a bit and do some rearranging to really mix things up a bit. I’ve put a coupe of Pikemen alongside the Goblins to really show the contrast to my nice orderly Humans.

Gobbos Dakka

Also on the painting table are some 6mm British Heavy Dragoons, at the very early stages at the moment but coming on nicely.

Brit Dragoons

Brit Dragoons Dakka

Finally a new old compact disc arrived, nice!


Shiny Plate, Heavy Dragoons and Polar Fox Goblins

Some Progress, and a delivery!

A quick little update with some progress being made on the pike, some rather jazzy blue feathers and highlights on the red fabric. Still quite a bit to do, the yellow and blue will be brighter as well as some nice shiny armour……… and the pikes, and other details and don’t even get me started on the flag. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the progress and I’ve put up a couple of ‘as close as I can get’ shots to hopefully pick out some of the detail.

Main pike2

Macro Pike Ready2 Macro Pike March

Oh yes, and this lot arrived the other day:


Very exciting indeed, a 10mm Steppe Goblin army including Goblin Infantry, Wolf Riders, Stone Throwers, Spherical monster (space hopper) riding Gobbos and herders, Chieftains, Band, Trolls, Heavily Armoured Orcs, Warboss and GIANTS! That’s more upper case letters than I normally permit myself but this is very, very exciting.

Watch this space since this is my upcoming project, and I’m really looking forward to getting cracking on this green horde.

Music accompaniment of the evening? Found this in the back of a drawer, and am rather enjoying a nice little trip down memory lane.


Some Progress, and a delivery!

Baccus British Line Infantry, Russian Dragoons and 10mm Pikemen WIP

Inf 1

Inf 2

Inf 3

Inf Closeup

An update to show the new complete British Line Infantry and I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out. Normally in the past I would base the two ranks flush together on each base, on this occasion I’ve left a small gap which means that all the time and effort spent on the rear rank is no longer completely hidden by their colleagues in the front rank.

Main 1 Rus DragoonsRus Dragoon 2

Russian Dragoons, tricky to paint an eagle at this scale…… let alone one with two heads! So that explains the black blob on the flag.

_DSC2251 Recent work on the Pikemen, these have taken much longer than I anticipated (and there is still so much to do) but I suppose a uniform consisting of three colours, each of at least two layers, is bound to slow things down a bit. I must say, the level of detail on these is fantastic and I’m trying to come up with a flag to help them really stand out. Perhaps something with a nautical theme to represent their City-State paymasters?

Baccus British Line Infantry, Russian Dragoons and 10mm Pikemen WIP