Got some painting done, and even finished off the Pikemen! Woop!

So the sculpting has slowed a bit as I’m starting to get the command figures for a unit done, almost finished a captain, and the two Troll-type figures are taking a while to get completed – they’re taking shape nicely but I’m finding that trying to bulk them out to give a ‘just right’ feeling a bit slow. It doesn’t help that I can only get a tiny amount of putty on the figure then have to wait 24hours until the next chance to get a layer on, anyhow I think they’re coming on nicely and look forward to sharing them hopefully soon!

On the other hand, slowness of sculpting means that I’ve had a chance to finish off some figures. First up are some more Gobbos for my Micro Mordheim crew, these guys really are the runts of the litter so they’re looking pretty dull…… but then again I don’t suppose they’ll be lasting long on the table.


Second in line are my finally finished Pikemen. I know, they’ve been in process for ever but I find basing really dull and so I’m quite pleased to have a finished unit to flash about the interwebs.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a unit of Halberdiers finished by Christmas.

Thanks for looking.

Got some painting done, and even finished off the Pikemen! Woop!

10mm Micro Mordheim modular board

Hello again gentle reader. My normal work hobby routine is generally between the hours of 10pm to 1am and since I’ve been on childcare duty over the course of the summer I’ve been struggling to think of ways to do a sneaky bit of work on the side during the days…. as well as pretending to be a princess, dancing, reading stories and running about.

Behold! My Micro-Mordheim modular board utilising 3mm MDF and cork tiles!

 Mico Mordheim board 1

During one of my many wandering mind moments, my thoughts turned to the 25 or so 10cm x 5cm MDF bases which I have had sitting in a drawer for quite a long time now. All of a sudden, it became clear to me use them to create a modular ruined city for my Micro-Mordheim dream. I promptly chopped up some bits of emergency cork tiling (which turned out to make a pretty decent looking ruin) and my trusty woodcut relief print cutting implement (which turned out to make a pretty decent looking paving pattern) and got to work.

The two little sections didn’t take long to do at all, and I think the size for the initial board looks pretty good with some figures and monsters on. In theory a few carving sessions should sort out the paving sections and ruins leaving only the sand texturing and painting to do…….. might be achievable fairly quickly and certainly more interesting than my previous board making effort!

Also, It takes up a tiny amount of storage space. The box in the image is about an inch deep so a few boxes of tiles should be able to provide a huge number of layout options. Taller ruins will be stored separately.

Tonight’s plan is to finish the spearheads on the Arabian sculpts, then a nice picture for you all to see.

Thanks for looking.

10mm Micro Mordheim modular board

Another pair of Goblins

Here we go with the promised latest addition to the Goblin warband. Once again, I’m really pleased with how these are turning out and I hope you’re enjoying them too!

Gobbos front May 20thGobbos back May 20th

The really nice thing about these Polar Fox sculpts is the sheer level of detail you get, a little skull symbol on the quiver and a bow on the back of the sword and shield bearer. Needless to say I’ve received some Orcs and Undead from distant Siberia to use as the basis for more warbands……. the lead mountain piles up faster than it can be painted!

Thanks for looking.


Another pair of Goblins

Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!

Another rather generous post today, as I’ve been a busy little bee! My foray into fantasy continues with another pair of Goblins for the Mordheim/Frostgrave/Whatever crew. A relatively plain blade wielder and a rather cocky looking spearman striking a pose on a small space hopper-esque creature with a face full of teeth!

CockyGobbos frontCockyGobbos Back

I’ve also been looking at scenery for my grand plan for Mordheim style battlefield. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find anything I really like, particularly at 10mm(ish) scale. And even more particularly I want some ruined buildings, after all the city was struck by a comet (or trapped in a glacier depending on the game being played). Also, considering that I’d rather spend money on figure rather than terrain I thought I’d have a go at making some myself…. here’s an almost finished large house/hostel in some step by step pictures.


Foamboard template

With added matchsticks


Added card and lollipop sticks

I’ll get some pictures with some Goblins for scale. It’s probably a bit on the large side but I wanted it to provide some proper interactive terrain for units to move through and fight over, so having it a little bigger means that it can accommodate a couple of figures nicely. Lots more tiling to do which is a bit of a pain in the proverbial, but it looks like it’ll be worth it, then it’s on to basing and painting! I’m hoping to get a few more made soon, there’s lots of food for inspiration on the interwebs so I’m looking forward to cutting quite a few more tiles.

Finally a little sneaky peek at my latest sculpting effort. After I got bored of Sci-fi and aborted my 15mm sculpt I’ve had another go at a 10mm figure. Mainly because I’m a bit disappointed with the historical and fantasy Arabian figures since they’re either a bit small or just lacking in a bit of fantasy razzle-dazzle. Anyway, here’s my effort of a very much WIP for hopefully a Mage character for my Merchant Princes force. I’ve photographed him alongside a Magister Militum figure and he’s probably on the large side of 10mm (a bit like the GW Araby sculpts).

Araby Sculpt

Thanks for looking and more hopefully soon.


Goblins, a ruin and a sneak peak of a sculpt…. sounds like a good night in!

Warmaster Goblin, Chaos Dwarf Maggot Monster and Araby Elite Musketeer test

A nice big update today gentle reader. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of evening being able to indulge the hobby and have some items to show.

First of all is the next Gobbo for the Mordheim warband. This time a rather mean little fellow wielding a pair of rusty blades, so any adversary had best make sure that they’re up to date with their jabs. Another of the Polar Fox horde, this chap once again proved to be a joy to paint (how much of a joy when painting up the full army, well, that remains to be seen), there’s so much detail crammed onto the model so he’s complete with a looted shield and a fancy stolen coin purse….. when asked the Goblin said the owner didn’t need it for ‘naffink’ anymore.

Next we have my test models for my Araby army. These are going to be some Elite Musketeer types, maybe a mercenary company recruited from some ever irritable mountain tribe who are dab hands at picking off enemies at great distances with their alarmingly accurate jezails. I pretty happy with this colour scheme so I think I’ll be getting the rest of the unit painted up soon. These chaps came in the Pendraken Renaissance Ottoman Army pack and I’m really impressed with the sculpts.

Pendraken Araby 2

And finally the big one. I found this Maggot in a bargain bin and decided that it would have to be the centrepiece of my Chaos/League of Evil army. The fluff is that the colossal Maggot monster has been lured from the depths and enslaved by a Chaos Dwarf sorcerer and has become an aggressive and repulsive beast of burden for the Chaos Dwarf’s terrifying weapons of war.

Currently very much a work in progress, I’ve got the basic shape organised so I need to get more cladding done and then the all important accessorising! I’ve got a pile of old Lizardmen weapons and do-dads, which are by far the spikiest thing I own, which will be cannibalised to get that howdah looking pretty damn jazzy.

Maggot 1

Maggot 2

Charging at a pair of surprisingly brave (or drugged) Goblins to give an idea of the scale of this hideous beast!

Maggot 3

I thought I’d mention that I magnetised the cannon that I’ll be using so that I can change the type of weapon carried on the beast.

Maggot 4

Still lots to do like armour plates and spikes, but you get the gist I’m sure. The whole howdah will also be removable from the Maggot so if I make a better one it can always be replaced.

Thanks for looking!

Warmaster Goblin, Chaos Dwarf Maggot Monster and Araby Elite Musketeer test

More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy

Been busy painting up a couple more units of 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry, different regiments from the previous two and I think they’re looking pretty sharp! I’m always pretty pleased when I get units finished and these will be off to be mounted by their new owner once the varnish is on. I’ve added a close up shot this time (partly for my own reference) to show what neat little sculpts they are from Baccus.

Portugal main

Portugal Detail

Also started on yet another project, this time using some of the Polar Fox Miniatures that I bought in the distant past. Great models that I’ve neglected for no good reason other than a lack of focus in my hobby life. This is the starting selection for a Mordheim or Frostgrave 10mm project, I’ve got loads more to get ready (i.e. Shamen, Wolf Riders, space hopper monster riders, Orks and trolls) so I’ll have a wide selection of models to make choices from. I’m also planning to use my Dwarf, High Elf, Kislevite and especially Empire characters to assemble groups of grizzled adventurers from.


I’m also planning to make a tile based board which will be an exciting, if alarming, prospect. I’ve got some cut foam board, model railway ballast and n scale cobblestone embossed card (on order) and am thinking of making them pretty plain so that some card buildings and scenery can be added as necessary.

All this in between getting a load of French Dragoons painted up for ebay and maybe finally getting around to basing my Russian Line infantry.

Thanks for looking.

More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy