Dystopian Wars – Starting a new collection

So, my fickle nature has drawn me towards the splendid miniatures of the Spartan Games world of Dystopian Wars….. and what an exciting world it is too!

I’ve been avoiding becoming obsessed by yet another miniature range for a long time now and Spartan Games has been on my radar since their Uncharted Seas days. Many years later and I’ve finally felt ready to commit myself and lo and behold their fantastic starter box set ‘Operation Shadow Hunter’ arrives with a reassuringly hefty thump.

I’ll be going into much more detail about the set in the near future, but lets get down to some painting. So far I’m seeing how my initial concept works out and here are the first steps, two tiny Revere Class Corvettes:



The one on the left is my test model to see if the concept worked, and I think it’s looking tolerable so I’m going to go with it. The model on the right is very much a WIP and I’m trying out some Tamiya paints on it – they’ve got some fantastic colours and I like the thinness of the paint, but it dries in seconds and really benefits from using Acrylic Thinner to keep it runny. Still need more work but they’re getting there.

More to come…… more regularly than usual….. I promise.

Dystopian Wars – Starting a new collection