6MM Portuguese Infantry and Eclipse Company casting

Another commission, one of several ongoing projects, this time of some 6mm Portuguese Line Infantry. These have been quite fun to paint, simply the Baccus British Line infantry in Stovepipe Shako with blue coats, white trousers and an extra bit of gold on the Shako! All in all I’m quite pleased with them, I might have to paint some up for myself so that I can get them based. One of the many personal projects that will hopefully on day become a reality.

6mm Portuguese 1

Also, as a follow up to my previous post regarding some of the casting on the Honourable eclipse company I thought I’d add a picture of the underside of the Oceanus Bomber. The main flaw is with the tips of the bombs along the underside of the fuselage from the middle towards the tail section, not a major issue as they won’t be seen (being on the underside of the bomber). However, aside from the little imperfections these are lovely looking models that I’m very much looking forward to getting painted.

Oceanus bomber bubbles

Thanks for popping by and there’ll be more appearing soon.

6MM Portuguese Infantry and Eclipse Company casting