Some Works in Progress – this time it’s Death Guard

Welcome back. Once again my inability to fully commit has reared it’s ugly head once again and I’ve changed my mind about which 30k legion to paint. I liked the idea of the pre Magnus Thousand Sons, but the painting wasn’t that much fun so I’ve decided to have a go at 30k Death Guard instead. The idea being that the opportunity to get them dirty will be a bit more enjoyable. Here is the base layer for the colourscheme:


I’ve started with a yellowy brown base and aimed at a kind of bone white as the basic colour for the armour – as opposed to the usual white. I’ll be making him all grubby and dirty next and having a go with some new inks I purchased at Salute yesterday. Very much looking forward to cracking on with this.

I recently read somewhere a wonderful piece of advice which basically states that when converting and painting Space Marines, you have to try and think of them each as having their own individual personalities and histories. Now this may seem obvious, but to a dullard like me it was something of a revelation and to that end I have decided that I will convert every single figure to varying degrees. hopefully this will keep the project fresh and interesting, as well as the fact that I hate painting the same model/pose/uniform over and over again. Here is the first slightly altered marine (still needs a bit more work):

DG Mod

Yesterday I also managed to buy a load of bits from the likes of Anvil Industries (very lovely people) and the discount packs of Kromlech and Spellcrow from Dark Sphere. So now I’ve got some dynamic and bionic legs, different arms, jet packs and torsos to play around with – I’ve washed a few already! Basically I’m planning to get a squad of Death Guard and a squad of Night Lords (I know, they’re dreadful douchebags but I find the fact that they hate each other almost as much as their enemies quite entertaining) all painted up to maybe play the new Shadow War Armageddon game with.

Thanks for looking, more to come.

Some Works in Progress – this time it’s Death Guard

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