15mm Iron Warriors – A finished squad!

10 days have passed and I’ve actually got something to show for it:

Painted squad

A real life finished 10 (post-hu)man squad. I think they’re probably a bit too shiny and clean, but I’m not fussed about that to be honest. In my mind a legion which has hazard stripes as part of their livery is no doubt fastidious when it comes to tidiness – as well as Health & Safety.

My Iron Warriors only commit to battle when overwhelming superiority ensures complete victory (so far, so canon)and once ALL relevant risk assessments have been completed…. in triplicate. A process which can often take weeks, by which time a besieged enemy has probably surrendered. You will note in the photograph that at least one heavy weapon specialist is not wearing the mandatory high visibility support harness. A lack of due care and attention to basic H&S will often be punishable by death. The paperwork alone for such a sentence is an ordeal in itself and more than one tactical comms officer (responsible for checking the forms) has put themselves in harm’s way in a desperate attempt to put an end to the tedium.

In other news; I’m starting to paint a 28mm Death Guard marine to experiment with a paint scheme. The idea is a yellowy brown going up to a bone white, then lots of weathering and so on which I’ve never done before but looks like fun. I quite like the idea of a staunchly loyalist Death Guard army who are completely ruined with disease but refuse to acknowledge their corruption, partly on account of their militant atheism as well as their stubborn refusal to give in to any form of contagion. Anyways, best get the sample done then I can start some conversions.

Thanks for looking.

15mm Iron Warriors – A finished squad!

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