28mm Science Fantasy

As I sit, cradled in the warm embrace of my hobby cupboard, I cannot help but be drawn to the random selection of 28mm plastic boxed sets which I own. These sets are very much a manifestation of the ‘Addiction’ element of my hobby, I am often compelled to own and stockpile lovely looking sets of miniatures. I often have a plan. But planning was never one of my strengths. So the miniatures wait. And wait.

Until Now!

In no small part down to some of my favourite blogs, I have been inspired to have a go at the art of ‘Collage Plastique’ with the odd bit of metal thrown in. Since I sold off quite a bit of the stockpile (sadly in error I now believe) I’ve been left with only a few more recent purchases, those being some medieval, Napoleonic and warhammer 40k bits and bobs along with my stash of metal 28mm figures of various providence.

So, I opened a couple of sets and started to play. The general theme is that of Science Fantasy, and I have enjoyed the concept of Brent Spivey’s Rogue Planet set of rules…… particularly the cover:


How utterly fabulous. A chap with two guns, and a massive sword, blazing lasers at a mutant on a space Pterodactyl.

That got me thinking about a planet, covered with an unknown number of crashed and deralict starships, which were drawn to their doom thousands of years ago. The population of the planet are the descendants of the survivors who, bereft of the ability to recreate the technology of their ancestors, now live in a semi-medieval state. Except that some of the tech is still available and, more importantly, still functional. The leviathans which once crossed star systems still harbour their secrets, their priceless artifacts, and their powerful weapons……. but these are not easy pickings. Ignorant Barbarian tribes, powerful Warlords, scheming Wizards, heartless AI, mad Robots, insidious Cults and others have sought to found their own dynasties and capitals in and around the mighty wrecks. Then there is always that which lies within. Strange things. Unnatural things. Things that jealously guard their treasures. Things best not disturbed.

Now, after all that flim-flam, some models. Probably a little underwhelming but I like them. First up is Janet. No stranger to the occasional delve, she has recently been unter the employ of one of the great Merchant Houses as a Caravan Guard and occasional enforcer. The end of her latest contract has however presented to opportunity for some self improvement…. and enrichment!

Travis ‘Stonetape’ Anderson is the second character I’ve had a go at. A simple collage, but he seems to fit together reasonably well. Travis is something of a philosopher. By which I mean that he’s paranoid and believes in all manner of crackpot theories like ghosts and aliens and whatnot. He claims that his theories are based on solid scientific research and often cites the now legendary body of research called ‘The Stone Tape’ which was conducted by the enigmatic Nyghell of Kneel. Often, when confronted by the inexplicable, Travis will quietly murmur “It’s in the compewtah!” by way of explanation. Quite the eccentric. He does however have a gift for accuracy with a rifle (the weapon was discovered by chance as a consequence of stumbling into a half buried mechanical wagon whilst chasing what may, or may not, have been an enchanted toad) and is blessed by uncanny good luck.

So there we are, a bit of a ramble so my thanks for your forebearance. I’ve quite enjoyed actually doing something with these models and I am actually quite keen to make some more as well as get these painted up.

Thanks for looking.

28mm Science Fantasy

3 thoughts on “28mm Science Fantasy

  1. Love this – I really wanted to buy a selection of Celtos minis and the old iKore Void minis to chop and stitch together (always less fun in metal though), feel like they’d really give a mad science-fantasy feel for Rogue Planet. It’s a great ruleset.


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