10mm Vampire Count finished

Hello there gentle reader! So, almost a month has passed and the Christmas season has proved to be rather a busy one with the usual time requirements and the added distraction of a small human who is now old enough to actually want to do things. Needless to say free time was somewhat limited.

I am however rather pleased with the finished Vampire Count sculpt. It took a long time to get around to finishing, but I think I managed to get everything I wanted onto the diminutive fellow – including the slicked back hair!

Just needs plucking from the cork and a bit of a trim on the base and he’s done. I’m thinking of making a selection of archetype villains and monsters (there are so many wonderful monsters that would be great at 10mm scale – Giant Floating Eye Minster anyone?) to populate Dungeons, RPGs and to add character to armies. It also adds a bit of variety to the whole sculpting process.

My next target is to get two more Half Ogres finished.

Currently painting up some 10mm ghosts from Magister Militum, super simple process of layered drybrushing so I’ll hopefully be getting them photographed and up on here soon.

Thanks for looking.

10mm Vampire Count finished

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