A little diversion: some WIP terrain pieces using some obsolete CDs

I’ve a big stack Compact Disks/DVDs which I don’t use anymore – my laptop won’t even play DVDs – so I thought I’d use them as the base for some cork terrain that I’m playing around with at the moment.



Using some cork tiles (pretty cheap from a DIY shop, they measure about 30cm x 30cm and come in a pack of 9….. they should last for ages) chopped up into bricks and tiles I played around and randomly came up with these two pieces. They still need to have the sand added but once painted up I think they could be quite neat terrain pieces and I’m working on a few more.

The first pic is with 10mm figures and the second with a 15mm figure. As far as I can tell the scenery should look pretty decent with both scales.

The Tree stumps are the Blasted Tree Stumps from War World Gaming on amazon. They come in bags of 10 and are much better than anything I can muster up the energy to do (the lack of completed terrain pieces on this blog is testament to how quickly I lose interest in scenic items…… even though I really want to have some nice finished ones!).

Sculpting wise, there are a couple more half ogres on the go and I’m having a go at a 10mm Vampire with a big collar and cloak – more a Bela Lugosi cliche Vampire than anything too contemporary and ‘edgy’! I’ve go loads of 10mm undead individually based and I’d quite like an old skool vampire to be their mesmeric master. On the subject of characters, I was thinking of sculpting a number of figures that may end up being cast as a characters pack….. say 6 archetype baddies or D&D type monsters since I think 10mm could do the dungeon crawl thing just as well as 6mm seems to be able to.

Thanks for looking.


A little diversion: some WIP terrain pieces using some obsolete CDs

2 thoughts on “A little diversion: some WIP terrain pieces using some obsolete CDs

  1. I’ve seen some stunning work on old disks, it just seems to make sense to use them since there are so many just lying around – they’re also pretty damn sturdy compared to plasticard! Those sci fi hills using waste material sound great, is the material plaster? Also, how does the onset of winter impact your projects?


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