Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

Another mini update….. but a bit of a landmark for my modest little project. I’ve painted up the test cast of one of my 10mm Fantasy Arabian Spearmen and here he is in all his garish glory:


I’ve posed him next to a couple of my Polar Fox Goblins, and am pretty chuffed with how he’s turned out! It was reasonably simple to pick out the details (which I thought my sculpting skills weren’t up to getting right but have turned out passably) and although the colour scheme is a bit simplistic I hope it shows that the figure could work with a wide variety of colours.

If anyone is wondering I will definately be putting the Spearmen into production at some point, I just need to get some more sculpting done in order to get the most from the moulds. So, as you see the half-ogres develop the production date will start to appear on the horizon.

Thanks for looking!

Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

3 thoughts on “Painted Test Figure – Fantasy Arabian Spearman

  1. Vic Pocilujko says:

    Very Nice!!! Are they getting closer to being released? Could we see some in comparison to Warmonger and Polar Fox? Good luck with this project


    1. Thanks for your interest and support! I am hoping to get the spearmen, the half ogres and a selection of bonus characters cast up this year and made available. Unfortunately I haven’t made any progress over the last couple of weeks with the Christmas hols and various childcare issues, but I will be getting back up to speed in the next week or so.

      I’ll get some comparison shots up in the next few days for you.


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