Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.

Hello all. Just a quick update to show that some progress has been made on the sculpting front.

Two of the ogres are now finished, I went back and added a couple of pieces of armour to my first one since he looked a little vulnerable. Also another burly fellow has been started, this time holding a large weapon of as yet undecided type…. a hammer, a trident…. I don’t know!


The Standard bearer is also now finished and the Musician just needs some decoration on the front of his turban, then that’s all the spearman unit done I think. I’ll put up a picture of the whole selection of sculpts when they’re off the corks.

So there we are. I’m now going to focus on getting the half-ogre chaps finished then I hope to be able to get a master mould and production moulds made up, that’s the plan anyway. I would expect there to be less demand for the half-ogres, but they could be added to an existing army as an exotic unit or to another Ogre army as vassal troops or something.

On the subject of Ogre armies, there is a rather wonderful and very old-school style force currently up on kickstarter. I would urge you to go and take a look and at the very least go for a couple of units since the do look rather marvelous:

Black Gate Miniatures – Ogre Army Kickstarter

The creator – Barry – is also one of the co presenters of the excellent Warmaster Podcast which has been instrumental in my own project and re-igniting the passions when the flames of productivity burn low. Give it a listen, it’s rather good.

More soon.


Progress Report…. a little bit here, a little bit there.

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