Slowly but surely…… more grey

Some more time trickles by, and I’ve managed to get a bit more sculpting done. Unfortunately work continues to be a bit more demanding than usual at the moment, so most evenings are resulting in an unruly collapse into the sofa and not the usual extra couple of hour of hobbytime.

In any case, I thought I’d post up a picture of the WIP of the second half-Ogre, the standard bearer and the musician. Once these two remaining command group chaps are done that’ll be the spearmen finished…. I think.


The Half-Ogres are coming on – I’ve started on a third sculpt – and I’m thinking of having a selection of four or five different sculpts for the basic unit. I’m hoping that will be enough of a variety to keep the unit looking interesting. One thing I have written up and that’s an outline of the Units I’d like to sculpt to create a fully holistic army……… it’s at least 10 different unit types (so, as always I’m making life easy for myself) which I’m hoping will make an eclectic, colourful and exotic force.

More hopefully soon!

Slowly but surely…… more grey

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