Some more Polar Fox Goblins and they have a Troll!

It’s been an age since my last post, partly due to the first few hectic weeks of term and combined with a poorly 4 year old who is also going through one of those ‘stages’ (basically arguing about anything and everything).

However, I will attempt to redress the lack of miniature joy by finally posting up those long awaited Goblins!


Once again these are some stunning models from Polar Fox Miniatures, and I know I haven’t added the static grass but I just wanted to get them photographed so they feel kind of finished. Then they can join the rest of the Goblin gang – who I’m starting to think would be pretty groovy as a Swampgrave (you guessed it, Frostgrave in a swamp full of ruins, huge tree stumps and magical aquarium plants) warband so I’m going to have to get the Shaman painted up…… although I may also have a go at sculpting one.

In the picture there are a couple of fighty types and a rather fun assassin as well as the lumbering and rather cross looking Troll. They were, as always, great fun to paint and I’m a bit annoyed that I let the process drag on for so long. I painted the Troll blue because I always wanted one of the GW Stone Trolls when I was younger and also since I needed a change from green.

In other news I’ve actually been working away sporadically on the standard bearer and musician as well as the second Ogre chap – all of whom should be finished within a week if I get a few evenings in of sustained labour. This and the usual fiddling around with scenery (I’ll get some finished one day I promise) and trying not to get distracted by the urge to get totally distracted by all the sci-fi and post apocalypse stuff that my traitorous mind keeps wanting me to look at.

Pictures of more grey stuff will be following hopefully soon.


Some more Polar Fox Goblins and they have a Troll!

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