Yet more grey….. and something shiny!

Hello all, another mostly WIP post I’m afraid but hopefully some things that will be enjoyed and also show that work goes on!

First up are a few pictures of the standard bearer and the, well, what appear to have become Ogres, or half-Ogres, or whatever. Since I don’t really plan too rigidly what things are going to come out as the process of evolution has ended up creating some big bodyguard types of chaps who could perhaps act as the personal retinue of a Merchant Prince, Sorcerer or Grand Poobah.

Once again, please excuse the photography – I should probably invest in a Lightbox since my reliance on afternoon daylight is starting to get pretty mediocre results, any advice along these lines is more than welcome.

The odd knives equipped by the ogre with hands are loosely based on a Dacian Falx blade and some kind of non-ergonomic pit fighter knife. Hopefully this will give the impression that these guys are in the employ of a wealthy individual with a taste for ostentatiously large and brutish goons tooled up with ridiculous weapons from a private armoury of absurd ‘Barbarian’ weaponry. I’m thinking of giving the one without hands those strange Indian punch knife things.

Oh, and in true Columbo ‘Just one more thing…’ style, something shiny this way comes! Very generously the prospective mouldmaker and caster found space in a mould to cast a little sample of one of the spearmen:

Yay! The little fellow is immortalised in white metal! I’m really delighted with how he’s come out, nice and crisp and it looks like all the detail is there. He’s all glued onto a base and I’m hoping to get some paint on him over the next few days but I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing over colours but Turquoise and Orange are currently my faves.

So, yet another sea of grey I’m afraid and I know I promised some painted stuff. Next time I’ll get those blasted goblins done and hopefully the spearman too!

Yet more grey….. and something shiny!

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