Yet more sculpting W.I.Ps ….

Hello all, just another little update here with a picture of the current work in progress. I’ve almost finished another spearman (in some hopefully convincing scale armour) and there’s been some more work on the face of my Troll-ish raider, although he’s starting to look a bit more Ogre like….. ah well, that’s what happens when you haven’t got any plan to work to! Still, I’m rather pleased with it so far but there is quite a bit to do including some tusk/fangs sticking out of that jutting lower lip.

WIP 1st september

Oh, and Mr.Tickle over on the left is the long awaited standard bearer.

Just another sea of grey again this time I’m afraid, I’ll make sure I get those pesky Gobins painted and up soon. On another note, rather excitingly, there are a couple of sample casts from one of the spearmen which I’ll be picking up tomorrow so I’ll be able to see if this sculpting and casting lark actually works! Needless to say, I’ll be aiming to get one painted up toute suite!

Yet more sculpting W.I.Ps ….

5 thoughts on “Yet more sculpting W.I.Ps ….

    1. Thanks Mark. I won’t be doing the casting myself, it requires a whole range of skills and equipment which are currently beyond my skill set and budget….. as well as far too large scale to fit in my flat and accommodate my family at the same time!


      1. I can see how an apartment (I assume that’s a flat) would make casting difficult. I do make gravity castings (spin casting is way too equipment intensive) with molds I made from Quik-sil and a press, but the melting of tin and or lead I would only do outdoors. Still, great job on your sculpts and thanks for posting them!


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