Works in progress and a question of scale

Hello all, just thought I’d add a little work in progress shot showing the additional spearman and the two larger (perhaps some kind of half troll or something) desert raiderish type figures who need aload of work done. Not a great shot I’m afraid but I had to squeeze in a photo whilst cracking on with a myriad of other duties – no detail on the guy on the left at all – but anyway, things continue on:

Group and scale

The observant among you will spot an Ottoman commander who’s stumbled onto the scene. This is to illustrate a question I’ve had about scale, the chap is from the Pendraken hisorical Ottoman range and very lovely he is too! At the other end is a GW Araby swordsman of some kind, also very lovely. I’ve used a new toy of mine (a digital measuring device of some kind) to make some precise measurements which you the reader may be interested in – the measurements in question being from sole of foot to eye:

Pendraken Ottoman Commander: 9.67mm

GW Araby: 10.1mm

My efforts: 10.81mm

Warmonger Landsknecht: 10.87mm

So, as you can see there is quite a range in sizes, and let’s not forget that within the very same ranges there is often a marked difference in height amongst models. The Pendraken historical miniatures are very slight when compared to their fantasy ranges which I believe are the same as Kallistra’s (I don’t own any alas, but I’ve had a good look at them)  and I think that the Ottomans are 10mm from foot to top of head. GW Araby figures tower over the Empire and High Elf ranges, but look more correct in my eyes when stood next to a GW Dwarf. The Warmonger Landsknechts have quite a range in size, but I prefer the slightly bigger ones who are mostly present in the Halberdier sets – the crossbowmen look a fair bit smaller and the Pikemen are almost as big as the Halberdiers….all of which are awesome though.

So why have I made mine the size that they are? Quick answer is that I’m new to sculpting miniatures and am learning whilst doing – and learning something new pretty much every time I sculpt. I’ve always like the chunkiness of some of the Warmaster miniatures and my amateur attempts at the scale mean I’m a bit out at the moment, but hopefully this will improve with more practice! I think they compare reasonably well with existing ranges, but would have to be in units of their own – which is why I’m planning a wide range of units so that a coherent slightly fantastical force could be fielded without too much of a problem. Another factor is my desire to have a variety of different poses clearly visible within each unit type, this is to add some character to the units as well as make the painting process a bit more fun – I personally dread painting multitudes of the same miniature (which begs the question of why have I just started prepping a box of Perry plastic Napoleonic French infantry? Now is neither the time nor place for an answer).

A long ramble, but I hope illuminating in some way.

Thanks for looking.


Works in progress and a question of scale

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