Pocket Quest -A first impression

Okey dokey, so I treated myself the other day….. and a few days later:

EEEEEK! Exclaimed I. Well, maybe not, but in any case I was pretty excited and after tearing my way through three (yes THREE) layers of bubble wrap I was delighted to find a box. A box stuffed full of Pocket Quest.


Now, I like a well packed lasercut (yes, laser-cut, as in something actually cut with a LASER) MDF box with a tight fitting Perspex lid as much as the next man or woman, but this level of planned packaging is the work of a fevered imagination. In the box you get lots of dungeon tiles, Goodies (in the form of your classic heroic archetypes – Mage, Thief, Dwarf etc) and Baddies (in the form of the ever maligned Goblins, Orcs and a Troll) and a pile of little bases with rats and spiders on.

The miniatures themselves are really nice (as far as I can tell they would work perfectly with any of the Microworld range with the exception being that the Microworld Dwarves are really really tiny) although I’ll probably be storing them away with my drawer of 6mm fantasy treasure to paint at a later date. I’m going to be using my 10mm chaps on this baby.

Back to the game though. As well as the tiles and figures you get a board of push out MDF bases and clips, some very neat little peg doors, a pair of dice and a rulebook. It’s all really well made and nicely thought out and probably the only slight disappointment was the darkness of the printed tiles, but hey – it’s a dungeon and I can live with that.

I haven’t played a game yet but a quick look through the rulebook is a real delight. It’s got detailed stats, a host of weapons, a point expenditure system (I love a point expenditure system), magic spells from a variety of different types of school and it’s all very clear and concise…… which is perfect for me since I find overly complicated rulesets a bit of a chore. in essence it seems to be a nicely balanced game with a good combination of ease of play, depth and character development, randomness and fun.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be using my 10mm figures on this so I thought I’d put some pictures up to give an idea of scale difference. Here we have the picture of one of the little doors on the side of the Boss room with a 10mm and 6mm figure:


Okay, so the door looks a bit small with the 10mm goblin but I’m more than happy to suspend my disbelief.

Here are all the tiles set up…. completely randomly…. with a couple of 10mm Goblins:


Look at that! Bags of room. I think that’ll definitely work. Also, I know what you’re thinking – ‘Those’ll never fit back in the box!’ – well apparently they do, and there is a map for repacking somewhere on the interwebs. I, however, worry about scuffed edges so am avoiding the tight packing as much as possible.

Also I thought I’d put in a picture of the board with a couple of 15mm miniatures on it, which I think still works out pretty well:


So there we are. I personally think this appears to be pretty fantastic and I’m certain it will be getting loads of solo play (in stark contrast to my Silver Tower set which is still unassembled, but some of the monsters will make great bosses). As an additional note, the Stone Golem you see on the front of the box wasn’t included in the initial set (I’m not too bothered though, since I’m not really using the models) but apparently you can contact them if your set is missing it and the stockist will send you a nice little Golem.

For more actual proper information, and better photos of the painted models check out the creator’s blog here:


And finally – I am so going to have to have a go at sculpting Link from the Legend of Zelda in 10mm for this. I wasted so much of my youth playing that game.

Thanks for looking.


Pocket Quest -A first impression

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