10mm Arabian Spearmen progress report….

Hello all! So, I’ve had a few busy evenings and, in amongst my many other hobby distractions, I’ve got a nice big update on the Arabian spearmen to show…. woop!

My initial aim of getting 6 individual spearmen sculpts is now complete…. which means I’ve miraculously managed to accomplish some kind of basic target. Here are the six spearmen along with the Wiz, as you can see they fit rather well (five abreast) on a 4cm frontage and with some shuffling and trimming should be able to fit all manner of combinations.

Full Compliment

Here is a picture of them mixed in with a bunch of other figures including GW, Polar Fox, Warmonger and Magister Militum.

Comparison shot

And finally…. a little more work has been done on the deep desert Nomads.

Allies in progress

So, that’s where we are at the moment. I still need to get the unit leader and standard bearer done (am in two minds about a musician, I know why they’re there but they kind of annoy me) and am getting some more Micro Mordheim Goblins painted up. Busy, Busy!

Thanks for looking and hopefully more soon.


10mm Arabian Spearmen progress report….

2 thoughts on “10mm Arabian Spearmen progress report….

  1. I’m currently looking into long term plans for having them cast, or saving up for a small spin casting machine. In terms of material I think I’ll be going for metal.

    Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you’re enjoying the work!


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