Sculpting 10mm Fantasy Arabians Continues

Just thought I’d post a little update to show that I’ve not vanished, nor scrambled completely off piste! Here are the works in progress and completed sculpts as a group shot.

July 16

I’ve been trying to get my head around the whole sculpting and producing process. Sculpting remains very much a hobby but I would like to put together a variety of sculpts to make up a spearmen unit and then have them cast and made available to buy (if there’s any demand that is). The spearmen unit will be very much a first step in what I hope to be a comprehensive and exciting complete army with all sorts of strange and wonderful units.

In terms of the spearmen I hope to complete 6 soldiers and a command group (Banner, Hero and Musician) over the next couple of months, maybe sooner if time and particularly the 3 year old allow!

Thanks for looking.

Sculpting 10mm Fantasy Arabians Continues

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