10mm scale figure armature

Hello all. Someone just asked me on a forum how I go about making the armatures for these figures…. so I thought I’d do a step by guide.

Now, I didn’t invent this technique, I found someone else do it quite a while ago online but alas cannot remember where. Instead here is me demonstrating the technique.

Things which I need:

  • 0.7mm wire
  • Something to cut said wire
  • Fingers

First of all I cut a couple of lengths of wire:

step 1

The long piece of wire is then wrapped the very tip on the little finger, resulting in a loop in the middle of the long piece of wire:

step 2

The shorter length of wire is then placed in between the overlapping halves of the long wire – the pressure at the base of the loop should hold the wire in place, like so:

step 3

Then, pinch the loop and short wire between thumb and any finger of choice (forgive the un-manicured fingernail, printing ink is tough to remove):

Step 4

Then TWIST, and I mean tightly! You don’t want the short piece of wire to drop out. Normally I give it 3 good twists, this tends to give enough ‘torso and hips’ for a 10mm figure:

Step 5

I like to just put the tiniest drop of superglue onto the twisted wire and let it dry just to give it some added strength. Once dry, you can then carefully >ahem< snip away the superfluous length between the legs. I tend to leave the arms in their loop formation  while getting the body and legs bulked out, then snip and pose them later:

step 6

Ta-Daaaaaa! I like to leave the length at the head end just in case I want a plume or spike (so far I’ve made one plume and no spikes – quite a repertoire). I then use a pin to put a couple of holes in a cork, the wire is too flimsy to just stick in, making allowances for the base bit then trim and organise the arms later.

I hope readers have found this helpful, my sculpting was dire and kind of depressing before I found this technique. I hope it helps as much as it helped me!

Thanks for looking.

10mm scale figure armature

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