Finished the 10mm Wizard sculpt and some 6mm Empire Crossbowmen conversions.

The Wiz is finished! Pretty pleased with the results – although he does look a little bit scrappy with the macro shot. Just need to get the rest of an army sculpted!

In my seemingly never ending search for some decent 6mm Empire proxies, and seeing that Microworld’s fantasy Renaissance range aren’t due until September, I thought I’d just bite the bullet and do some conversions. Having painted a unit of Baccus6mm Wars of the Roses mercenary pikemen (still need to photograph, I’ve almost finished the bases) who make pretty good proxies once painted up, I intended to paint a unit of crossbowmen. Once again I used Wars of the Roses figures, but I decided that they really did look much too medieval and thought they needed a bit of work…… and here they are:

xbow 1xbow 2

I think that once they’ve had hats, feathers, visors, breastplates and puffy sleeves added they make a pretty reasonable substitute! There’s even the odd little skull in there – keeping things fantastical.

The Baccus range has a pretty good variety – definitely if you fancy creating a Bretonnian army which is on my wishlist – especially from the late medieval Wars of the Roses range. I’ve got some mounted Men at Arms who with some extra armour on the horses and the odd detail will make perfect empire knights, I think the Billmen in Jack and Livery will be good substitutes for halberdiers, perhaps elite halberdiers could have cloaks and other fancy frills and handgunners would go the same way as the crossbowmen. Fantastical monsters will be coming from the random creature stockpile. Characters will be individual conversions and sculpts.

This has been keeping me busy while my order from Microworld languishes in customs, boo. Well, “death and taxes” as they say.

Thanks for looking.



Finished the 10mm Wizard sculpt and some 6mm Empire Crossbowmen conversions.

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