Modular Gaming Board for 6mm Dragon Rampant and Warmaster

What have I been up to for the past week or so? I hear you ask, well I’ve been pretty damn busy is what! Real life like work and whatnot has intruded but I have managed to get some hobby time in….. today’s update is my attempt at a modular gaming table for small scale battles and skirmishes.

I’ve started off modestly, with a 60x60cm board consisting of 9 20x20cm squares of mdf (which I had the nice man in the shop cut up for me at no extra cost!). For a fancy surface texture of churned up mud I used some textured wallpaper which was left over from a class Art project.


Glue was then lavishly applied to the mdf and some weighty and high-brow tomes were then stacked up onto the boards – don’t be shy with the books! Oh yes, and brown dm’s, so on trend!

Here’s a photo of the complete 9 tiles all in various stages of painting, the bottom left hand two being the finished specimens. The paints used are System 3 Acrylic Burnt Sienna as a base followed by a Burnt Umber wash and finally a Payne’s Grey wash.


All in all I’m quite pleased with them. I’m fretting as to weather to add any static grass or flock, but wonder if maybe creating some grassy/marshy/wooded areas on CDs with the textured wallpaper on might be a nice way of breaking up the plain surface. Also, it helps the table be a bit more versatile since I’d quite like to use it for some 15mm Sci Fi skirmishes….. just a thought.

Other things on the painting table you ask? Well; 2 more 10mm Goblins are just needing some grass added to their bases, a unit of 6mm Pikemen (Wars of the Roses, standing in for Empire troops) based a la Warmaster are nearing completion, more has been done on my Araby-esque Wizard and a Spearman is now in progress too. Oh, and I finished tiling the ruined house.

My inability to focus on one project means I tend to get a bit overwhelmed at times, it’s all good fun though!

Thanks for looking.



Modular Gaming Board for 6mm Dragon Rampant and Warmaster

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