A Pair of Goblin Spearmen and some Warmaster Size Comparisons

Finally managed to get a little bit of painting done, two Polar Fox Steppe Goblin spearmen for my mini Mordheim warband.

Mordheim Gobbos 1

These guys are really good fun to paint at 10mm, they’re packed with character which make the process a real joy. I’ve mounted them on 15mm round MDF bases which give enough space for a bit of static grass and texturing, I initially tried 10mm bases but these turned out (rather surprisingly) to be far too small.

As I’m also planning a number of impossible (for me) projects all at the same time I thought I’d post some size comparisons for Pendraken Ottoman Turks, who I’m planning to use as the core for my Araby Army. I also recently purchased some rather splendid miniatures to use as Warmaster scale monsters, beasts, warmachines, thingies which I’m really excited about but hopefully more on that soon!

On to the comparison shots:

Empire Pendraken Araby
Empire strip on the left, 3 Pendraken Ottomans in the middle and Araby Characters on the right.


Polar Pendraken Magister
Polar Fox Goblins on the Left, the Ottomans again in the middle and 2 Magister Militum Sultan’s Guards on the right.


I was able to get to Salute on the weekend which meant I was finally able to have a look at some models before buying (as well as buying lots of unexpected beauties – although I NEED to order the Steve Barber Models Cerberus miniature for my Chaos army). As it turned out I was really impressed with the Pendraken Ottoman Turks who as it turns out are a reasonable match scale-wise for my rather large, unpainted collection. The only real difference is that the Warmaster GW models are quite bulky in comparison, not much of a problem as far as I’m concerned since it really is not something I’m terribly bothered about since I’m trying to build up some large eclectic armies with models from a variety of manufacturers.

I also picked up some Poles (perfect for Kislev) and a little pile of lead from Magister Militum, whose Sultan’s Guard (I think) are on the right of the bottom picture…. I’ll be using these strapping chaps as an Elite bodyguard unit and mounting them six to a base.

I’m hoping to spend some time focusing on my Warmaster stuff (as well as Napoleonics) and will just make a little list of the unpainted hordes in my ‘man-cupboard’ drawers:

Empire – lots of GW, but soon getting lots and lots of Warmonger Miniatures, and have some rather nice looking Halflings.

Dwarf – All GW, but not much so I’m planning to bulk it out with Copplestone and Eureka

Orc and Goblin – All Polar Fox, and I really want to get an Orc army pack!

Araby – Some GW, Pendraken and Magister Militum

The League of Evil – a few blisters of GW Chaos units, Undead Characters, Magister Militum Skeletons and Zombies/Ghouls/Wights (for mixed units who could be a Zombie horde or Plague ridden mob)

All this and some top secret monsters for most of the armies.

I’ve recently found some army lists for Dragon Rampant (which looks to be tremendous fun now that I’ve got the rulebook) for Empire and Undead so maybe some Warmaster Rampant in the near future? Best get painting then!

Thanks for looking.

A Pair of Goblin Spearmen and some Warmaster Size Comparisons

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