More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy

Been busy painting up a couple more units of 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry, different regiments from the previous two and I think they’re looking pretty sharp! I’m always pretty pleased when I get units finished and these will be off to be mounted by their new owner once the varnish is on. I’ve added a close up shot this time (partly for my own reference) to show what neat little sculpts they are from Baccus.

Portugal main

Portugal Detail

Also started on yet another project, this time using some of the Polar Fox Miniatures that I bought in the distant past. Great models that I’ve neglected for no good reason other than a lack of focus in my hobby life. This is the starting selection for a Mordheim or Frostgrave 10mm project, I’ve got loads more to get ready (i.e. Shamen, Wolf Riders, space hopper monster riders, Orks and trolls) so I’ll have a wide selection of models to make choices from. I’m also planning to use my Dwarf, High Elf, Kislevite and especially Empire characters to assemble groups of grizzled adventurers from.


I’m also planning to make a tile based board which will be an exciting, if alarming, prospect. I’ve got some cut foam board, model railway ballast and n scale cobblestone embossed card (on order) and am thinking of making them pretty plain so that some card buildings and scenery can be added as necessary.

All this in between getting a load of French Dragoons painted up for ebay and maybe finally getting around to basing my Russian Line infantry.

Thanks for looking.

More 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese and some 10mm Fantasy

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