Gang member No.3 and a little bit of scenery

So, after the inevitable interruptions of the real world, I’ve managed to get a bit more painting done and not only that but a bit of scenery too! The newly painted gang member is the grim looking fellow in the middle with the gasmask and furs, a slightly duller paintscheme than the previous two but I thought it quite suited the figure and the flash of blue hair livens it up a bit.

Gang 3

Gang 4

As the gang grows, ever so slowly I’m afraid, I thought I’d add some scenery.

First though I must give the credit for the idea to the creator of the fantastic Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog, who posted his recipe for these brilliant tiles a few years ago and I’ve only just been brave enough to have a go at myself!

At the moment they are still a work in progress, only 3 have been made so far and I’ve just got the base silver and wash on. There is a fair bit to do, more weathering and lighting etc, and the bubbles trapped by my very basic plaster casts made from the Hirst Arts molds will be transformed into battle damage and acid burns. Currently I’m intending to produce 10 of these utility type spaces, then expand with research, entertainment, command and security facilities as well as a vault for all that lovely space treasure to be hidden in – kind of like in the classic Evil Genius computer game (I’ve got a few bags of boiler suited minions from Khurasan miniatures who’ll fit the expendable security role nicely).

Anyhow, these scenic additions are giving my Space Pirates a vessel to rampage through although currently they’ve got pretty easy pickings and I’m planning to put some other occupants on board soon.

Gang member No.3 and a little bit of scenery

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