15mm Sculpting Update

Hello all. Just wanted to post the WIP for the little sculpt I’m having a go at.

So, as you can see it’s been coming along. However, there is so much wrong with it! For a start; that bloody head is enormous and he’s got a pair of rather short legs (or maybe he’s wearing his trousers slung low a la yoof!). The comparison model is from the Ion Age range and is probably one of the medium sized human figures, so you get an idea of my effort at scale.

On the plus side, this has been my first proper go at sculpting a full figure at this scale and I’ve learnt one hell of a lot in the couple of hours I’ve actually spent doing it. I’m also quite keen to get stuck into the next challenge of the remaining hand and the big question of what will it hold? A Spanner? A Weapon? A Clipboard (or suitable 29th Century equivalent)? Ooooooo, I just don’t know! It may be a few days until I get any more done though, so plenty of time to mull it over.

Thanks for looking.


15mm Sculpting Update

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