Gang Member 2 and a bit of sculpture

The second 15mm Space Pirate is now painted up and ready for some reavin’ and raidin’. Another one of the Khurasan post apocalypse range, this one painted up quite nicely and there are plenty of variants which I could’ve tried out (good thing I’ve got more than one of each figure!) and I’ve got some plans for weapon swaps and so forth in the future.

Today I also tried my hand at a bit of 15mm scale sculpting during some down-time at work this afternoon. I’ve made a number of abortive attempts over the years at sculpting 28mm stuff but always lost interest or real life interruptions would scupper my best laid plans. In any case, this afternoon I bent myself a wire armature, jammed it into a cork and dusted off my battered tub of ProCreate putty and started to wave my sculpting tool about a bit. These are the results so far:

Okay, so I’m not giving up the day job but I’m pretty pleased with it so far. Characteristically though I’ve not got a plan and am working toward a generic sci-fi crewman or trader type. Still lots to do though and I’m kind of dreading the arms and the head, but hey, it might be a bit of a wonk…… but it’s mine!

Thanks for looking.

Gang Member 2 and a bit of sculpture

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